OH MY GOD !! Pak Thought India Has Only 100 Nuclear Bombs But This Report From Their Own Agency Will Make Them CRY !!

Pakistan often boasts of being a nuclear capable country while threatening India. Many are aware that it all started when AQ Khan stole the blueprints of the technology from Holland in early 1970s. This “scientist” is often regarded by some as the “Father of Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme”.

Pak calls Indian N-Programme ‘Unsafeguarded’

Meanwhile, a think tank of Pakistan – the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISSI) has published a paper titled “Indian Unsafeguarded Nuclear Program”. The co-authors are 4 “nuclear scholars” – Adeela Azam, Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Ali and Sameer Khan. Though they said that this “study” was conducted “to provide an understanding of the true history, size, extent and capabilities” of the Indian N-Programme, the contents seemed to be merely figments of their imaginations. Their study has made several absurd claims about us.

They have claimed that ours is the “largest and oldest unsafeguarded N-Programme in the developing world among the states not party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)”.

Their report contains topics such as “Indian Nuclear Energy Needs and Uranium Reserves, Indian Uranium Enrichment Capacity and Future Requirement, Indian Unsafeguarded Nuclear Reactor Program and Indian Nuclear Reprocessing Program”.

The ISSI claims that their findings are based on reviews of “hundreds” of Indian documents, research studies, budgetary estimates, technical assessments, statements and researches by senior Indian scientists and “credible research” of leading international experts over the past 60 years.

Some very absurd claims were made. For instance, the European Commission had estimated in 2001 that global Uranium stockpile will be exhausted by 2070. However, Adeela Azam claimed that India has sufficient reserves in its mines for more than 100 years.

Deliberately Overestimates India’s Capability

Their report has claimed that India has “sufficient technical capacity and raw material to produce between 356 and 492 nuclear bombs”. This absurd claim is much higher than almost all previous estimates emerging out of various studies. They have claimed that India had kept our capability “away from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) safeguards”.

“Although the world’s spotlight continues to be on the Iranian nuclear program, in reality the Indian uranium enrichment program is perhaps the fastest growing in the World and provides New Delhi with ample Uranium enrichment capacity to not only run nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines but also to build nuclear and thermonuclear weapons,” said Ahmed Khan.

Why would Pakistan sponsor such a ridiculous “study”, one might ask. We can only guess that they are trying to scare and influence the sitting members of the NSG. A fast rising Indian N-Programme can only mean stiffer competition for the global cartel.

However, there is consensus between both countries here. Ahmad Khan went on to say that the Nuclear Programme of New Delhi is leaps and bounds ahead of that of Islamabad.