Oh My God !! Rajdeep’s Own India Today Has Now Caused Major Embarrassment For Him

Rajdeep Sardesai, one of the most double standard Journalist and often called as #Presstitute for his biased reporting and appeasing a certain minority by deliberately ignoring to publish news.

Many people are angry at him for his ignorance of the riots against Hindus in West Bengal. Here’s what he had tweeted.

Rajdeep had dismissed the riots in West Bengal as a rumor and stated that this was only an attempt of certain sections to spread fear. A clip had also emerged, which allegedly had Rajdeep speaking on the phone. Rajdeep was questioned why he wasn’t reporting the riots of WB, to which he had replied that there are no such riots and the reports saying so are fake!

But unfortunately for him, in a major embarrassment, his very own channel India Today has decided to prove him wrong. Watch what India Today did.

Here is the Video Reporting, which India Today, yes, the very own channel, where this biased and double standard #Presstitute works has done on Bengal Riots, which is a slap on minority appeasing Rajdeep.

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