Omar Abdullah spreads fake news about cow vigilantism being the reason behind Bhadarwah murder, police refutes the claim

Referring to murder of a trader in Jammu and Kashmir, former Chief Minister of the state Omar Abdullah over twitter claimed that the crime was carried out by cow vigilantes. Around 2am on Thursday, Nayeem, a resident of Bhaderwah’s Killa Mohallah area, was gunned down in Nalthi area, while his companion Azhar Ahmed was wounded.

“This on a day alleged cow vigilantes have killed a man in Bhadarwah area of Jammu,” Abdullah wrote on twitter. Along with the tweet, he also attacked an article from BBC claiming that Indian Muslims are in fear under Modi regime.

However, later Jammu and Kashmir refuted the claims made by Omar Abdullah and some media portals saying that there was no role of cow vigilantism behind the murder. Police said, it is still trying to figure out the motive behind the crime.

“Some media channels are wrongly reporting murder of a person in Bhaderwah as incident of an alleged killing by cow vigilantes. Such irresponsible reporting is strongly rebutted as no such information has been confirmed during the investigation so far. Neither the accused are identified nor the motive of killing is known so far,” the police said as tensions escalated in surrounding areas of Bhaderwah.

The Army was called to assist the civil administration maintain law and order as clashes erupted between two groups over the murder. Apart from the curfew, authorities have also suspended mobile Internet services to prevent spread of inflammatory posts and pictures online. Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, who belongs to Bhaderwah, has appealed people to maintain communal harmony.