OMG!! Gaurav Pradhan Exposes Barkha Dutt and Pak Hand in #JNU completely in Series of Tweets

We all know that Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub visited Pakistan recently. They are known for their anti national stand. They did not even show 1 Video, where JNU commies went on rampage and shouted anti national slogans.

Today, when Kanhaiya Kumar was beaten during his appearance at Patiala House court, these took to twitter and  media and proclaim as if nothing has happened and govt behind innocent students.

They also reported Dadri day and night and remained silent over Malda and Prashant poojary case. Mostly, it could not be denied that even they may be funded by anti national elements to carry out such activities.

Gaurav Pradhan here exposes Probable Pakistan Hand and involvement of Barkha D and Rana A Nexus with pak in exploiting and supporting JNU anti nationalistic activities.

Here are his tweets

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