An Open Letter to Apologetic, Hypocritical & Shameless Celebrities of India

Dear Apologetic, Hypocritical & Shameless Celebrities of India,

Not just this Diwali but every Diwali there has been a senseless mass campaign by Indian celebrities, advising the citizens of India, what to do and what not to do on their festivals. These celebrities can be categorically categorized on the basis of how I have addressed them in the title for the following reasons:-

  1. Apologetic:-

The reason why I call these celebrities apologetic is because they are never proud of the fact that they are Hindus, and the fact that Hindus have always been sensitive to the changes happening near his/her environment. The rising pollution issue is an established fact and this issue has already been addressed by schools, colleges and even by the Government of India.

To project the existing scenario, there are several Hindu houses which have stopped bursting crackers a week before Diwali. These houses just burst crackers for a day that too for the happiness of their children or the fact that their families have get together after a very long time.

In-spite of such levels of awareness, why should one always be apologetic for the fact that he/she is Hindu and he/she likes to celebrate Diwali with just one/two crackers? Don’t you think the environment can’t take one day of crackers when your Indian Premier League matches (IPL) or Bollywood Mega shows waste crores of money on the crackers, lights and what not? Do you know the pollution levels caused by these events?

Btw how many of these apologetic Hindu celebrities have campaigned for a bloodless Eid or a meatless Christmas? Even if they do campaign will people listen to them?

2. Hypocritical

All you celebrities should obviously be branded as hypocrites. I am not putting out a loose comment here but I can show you clear examples as to why you all should be called hypocrites.

Firstly, given below is the video campaign by Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli against crackers in Diwali. He is so much worried about noise pollution, children’s health and what??? Yes you got it right Animals !!! We all know where you got this virus of noise pollution and animals getting affected, Mr Kohli. If it is a personal issue, you should keep it to your home and soundproof your entire bungalow, stop making it a public issue.

Mr. Kohli, if you truly care about Diwali with your stand which says no to crackers, can you please explain why does your Manyavar Diwali Advertisement depicts crackers in the background? Why didn’t you ask the Manyavar guys to stop airing this advertisement since it wrongly depicts your kind of Diwali? I guess someone likes the money from such ads, much more than a silly meaningless campaign?

Secondly, Yuvaraj Singh aka Yuvi Strong, the man who thrilled the Nation with his six sixes. Yuvi Strong, you are Yuvi Wrong in this case man. I have given below two posts, one from SatyaVijayi facebook page and one from SatyaVijayi twitter handle. The kind of responses that these pictures have been getting, exposes your stand more than anything else.

Crackers cause pollution only on Diwali, not on weddings, Yuvraj Singh?

Posted by SatyaVijayi on Monday, October 9, 2017

If crackers should be exempted from Diwali, they should be done from weddings too, don’t you think so? If you don’t, then you have justified my choice of word, hypocrite!!!

3. Shameless

I know for a matter of fact that shameless is a very harsh word, especially for Indian celebrities who represent India on various platforms but again you leave me with no choice. I would like to ask the following questions to all celebrities who have sent videos for #MyRightToBreathe campaign:-

  • How many of you still travel by Business Class rather than Economy Class in flights?
  • How many of you own Cars/Bikes which give single digit mileage?
  • How many of you waste several thousands of liters of water in your swimming pools?
  • How many of you have more than five Air Conditioners in your houses?
  • How many of you know what is the carbon footprint of each person living in your house?
  • How many of you have wasted mindless money on parties which could have been used otherwise to save the planet?

Saving the planet is a long journey, it is not a two minute selfie video for a meaningless campaign. Your fans might love this video, but as a Hindu, not only I hate it but I am ashamed to acknowledge that I have celebrated your victories as mine. The day you celebrities come out of your cocoon and see the real India, is the day you have the right to run such campaigns against Hindu festivals.


A Proud and Unapologetic Hindu

Prakash R