Open Letter by a Patriotic Indian Muslim to Satyavijayi on Intolerance….

Open Letter by a Patriotic Indian Muslim to Satyavijayi on Intolerance....

A lot of lies are being spread by pseudo secular journalists but a Patriotic Indian Muslim named Rizwan Shah has written an Open Letter to SatyaVijayi on the so called “Rising Intolerance” in India :

I have grown and brought up in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Most of my friends were Non-Muslims.
I had a career of more than 16 years in India before I moved over to Saudi Arabia.
I worked my way up from a Sales Engineer at an age of 21 and became a General Manager when I was 25 (1989) These companies belonged to Hindus.

I continued working until I was 31 ( again in Hindu owned companies) and started my own business thereafter.

The business I started was Automobile related and I had a staff of 45 and more than 50% of the staffs were Hindus.

I had a flourishing business and 90% of my customers were again Hindus.
Fortunately I did not experience even a single incident on discrimination against me be it by my friends, the owners of the companies I worked for, my colleagues, my staffs or my customers.

I don’t rule out that discrimination on the basis of religion does not exist in our country. You can’t expect everyone to be the same in a country of 1.25 billion.
Bad elements exist among people of all religions nationalities and race. We can’t expect roses without thorns.

We have to take a pinch of bitterness along with a bowl of sweetness at times cos this is life.
Crying fowl and breeding hatred towards people of other faith and community is not right.
If all Hindus were really bad 25 million Muslims couldn’t have remained safe in a country of 90 million Hindus. If all Muslims were really bad India couldn’t have remained a Hindu majority country in spite of some part of country ruled by the Muslims for more than 800 years.

We all need to come out of this communal fever being spread by people with vested interests and strive to jointly make our Bharat Mahaan and a land of Peace & Harmony.

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