Open letter from a Common Man to people who Vandalised Property and created Havoc

Before you start judging me let me clear few things, firstly I am not writing against any caste or religion, I do not support or either I am not against any protest which was done in last two days. You have all the democratic rights to protest, but I am confused and surprised with the way you protested.
Again, I do not want to get into details of your protest, if it was right or wrong. The only thing I care is about my hard earned tax money, public property, country and my family. By the time you started protesting, me and my most of the family members were in office or either at their work. I was worried about their safety as you started targeting public buses, private vehicles. You started Rasta Roko, Train Roko, I was not sure why you were doing it, because none of my family members or any common people whom you attacked did any harm to you, they did not hurt your sentiments. Here is a visual evidence of common peoples life being disrupted.

(Images of Train Roko at Pimpri Railway Station)

What was the mistake of my family and me that we were down and stuck in office with our kids at home waiting and worried for us.

(Private Car parked along roadside Destroyed)

The public property like buses which you vandalised are brought from my hard earned tax money. I did not hurt your sentiments, then why did you destroy my public property. Who gave you rights to do so. If this was the case then why didn’t you just burn your own vehicles and properties to Protest.

(Stones pelted at common citizen)

Now on the next day, you declare Maharashtra Bandh, I mean why? You have law and order, police, judiciary etc. if something went wrong against you, you could have gone through a democratic way. What did you really achieve by doing a Maharashtra Bandh. If Maharashtra was Bandh, did you give compensation to those daily wage workers, the street stall vendors, the poor labourers and all those who earn their bread and butter daily. You talk about Poor, but did you think about them before declaring the Bandh.

(Images from Kalewadi, Pune where a sewage vehicle was burnt at around 8pm after the Bandh was called off)

Today, the Bandh is over, now please could you tell me what did you really achieved. Are your hurted sentiments settled after burning vehicles and troubling people. These videos are breathtaking, not only kids but senior citizens suffered. Finally, I am really thankful to you for making me realise that there is no value of my tax payed money and my family under any government in India.


A common citizen,

With “No Power”