An Open Letter To Derek O’Brien from a Nationalistic Bengali

Dear Mr. O’Brien,

I have always admired you as a quiz master and as a person of high intelligence. But sir I won’t lie, since you have got into the politics and joined the Trinamool Congress, you have only remained nothing but a shadow of your former self. Still you are one of those people I prefer to follow on the social media platform Twitter. Even though nowadays most of your tweets are politically motivated, as you have now became a full fledged Politician.

This morning I was scrolling the twitter down as I came across a tweet of yours, Mr. O’Brien. In the Tweet you have said that we (maybe referring to people on your political side) will not let the BJP to distract with Fake narrative. You further said “let’s talk about, jobs, DeMo scam, hasty GST, farmer suicides and economy”.

Sir indeed I believe that the points you made are subjects of debate but sir I am completely shocked at the selective approach of yours.

You want to talk about the faults of the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre but sir when will you speak up against the scams and administrative failures of your party led Government at the West Bengal?

Today here in this open letter I would like to ask some questions to the Quiz Master himself and I hope you don’t mind me doing what is usually your job.

You are in politics for years now, you must have heard about two scams namely the Saradha and Narada. In Saradha scam thousands of people lost their hard earned money, many committed suicides back then also. And the closeness of your party with the fraud Saradha group is not something I need to tell you. Many of your top leaders were arrested for being directly involved with the Saradha Group.

Narada is the name used for another scam or sting operation carried out by the agency of the same name. In the Narada sting tapes, some of the top most leaders of your party were seen taking lots of money, the money which is alleged to be bribe. Sir it is nothing short of shocking for people like us that a person like you did not spoke a single word against these alleged scams of your own party.

And this is not all, just months back your Loksabha leader Studip Bandyopadhyay was arrested over the Rosevalley Scam. And he is currently out on bail. Sir you want to talk about the issues of the Central Government, please do but sir also let us know when will you talk about scams under the government of your party?

Sir scams are not the only issue on which fingers have been raised at your party led Government. Under the Government of TMC, West Bengal has witnessed a rise in communal clashes. During the Muhharam last year communal clashes broke out at 12-13 different places. This year also the state had witnessed communal clashes on multiple occasions, the biggest one being the Baduria violence.

Your Government has completely failed at controlling the communal clashes and is accused of giving shelter to anti-social elements belonging to a certain community. Be it canceling the Durga Idol immersion or according to the latest reports that your government is all set to give refuge to the Rohingya Muslims, the TMC government is accused of doing appeasement of the Islamic community for votes. We want you to speak on these issues also. We can expect such bias from a typical Politician but sir from people like you we do expect a little more.


A Bengali from the City of Joy