An Open Letter to all Dog Lovers from a Cynophobic

Dear Dog Lovers,

I am a cynophobic, cynophobic refers to a person who is afraid of dogs. And today I am writing this open letter to let you all know that you cause me immense trouble everyday. Not your dogs but you are the reasons for the troubles I have to go through everyday. I have absolutely no problems with your love for dogs but the problem is that you expect everyone to be a dog lover.

You need to understand that I absolutely have no interest in being friend with your Tommy, Jimmy, or Oscar and you should learn to respect my feelings too. Next time anyone of you invite me over to your place, either keep your darling somewhere far away from me or don’t invite me at all. Because no matter how much you say “oh he is just kidding with you, he won’t do anything”, but when your little baby charges at me barking with violent eyes and tooth out, it almost stops my heartbeat.

Everyone suffers from a phobia of one thing or another. While people understand other phobias, they don’t seem to understand cynophobia. Instead of keeping their dogs away from us, some people shove them in our faces saying “he won’t do anything”. These people need to understand that shoving a dog into someone’s face is not going to turn them into a dog lover instantly.

And what is the need to make someone a dog lover forcefully? If some people don’t like dogs let them remain the way they are. Dog lovers should stop forcing other people to love what they do. I have various personal experiences where some dog lover just doesn’t understand the problem with me. Whenever I visit someone’s house who has a dog and ask them to keep it away from me, instead of doing so they bring it further close and give me a lecture about how dogs are man’s best friend…

I am not against dogs or any animal in general, I believe the earth is big enough for every species to live peacefully. But I just don’t want to be very close to a dog. Just like some people are scared of spiders, some are scared of heights, some are scared of darkness I’m scared of a dog, it is as simple as that.

I am afraid of stray dogs too, but they more easier to avoid than the pets. Problem arises when a random dog lover decides to treat all the stray dogs in the locality as their own pets. Often some random dog lover starts feeding a large number of stray dogs at any corner of the street. They may like to march around the locality with a battalion of stray dogs but it causes a lot of trouble to people like me.

Some people and specially the educated elite class has turned dog into the holy cow of 21st century, speaking about not liking dogs is a social taboo. If you tell dog owners something bad about their dogs, they take it personally. Every human being has a place in this world, be it of any gender, race, religion and so do the cynophobics.

I’m concluding with a simple request to all dog lovers, please keep your dog out of my business. The views expressed in this article are of the author alone, website doesn’t take any responsibility of it.


A Cynophobic