Open Letter from High Court Advocate to Dr. Manmohan Singh

Open Letter to Manmohan Singh from Mr. Robin Pasricha…!!!

Won’t address you as Sir, because that commands respect and you have lost it long time back. Some people see you as a honest, hardworking economist but what I see you as is a stark contrast to this. And my prejudices are not baseless, you have given enough reasons to the common man to become a subject of ridicule.

1) As an ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ which you often call yourself, you should have realized that you will have to compromise on your honesty, integrity & dignity to become a pawn in the hands of Sonia Gandhi but you chose to get rid of your so called ethics to sit on the throne.

2) Congress wanted to strike twice with one shot by projecting a Sikh as a PM to get rid of the guilt of 1984 Sikh Massacre and please the Sikh community. But don’t even in your wildest dreams call yourself a Sikh because a man who enjoyed the highest political post of this land could not provide justice to the victims of 1984 victims. During your tenure, Jagdish Tytler was given MLA ticket from Delhi by Congress and later on after protests took it back due to public outrage.

3) Today you came on the TV to refute PM Modi’s allegations questioning your integrity. Well when Rahul Gandhi (a literal nobody in Indian politics) tore apart your Land Acquisition Bill on the floor of the house, your integrity and dignity it seems was on anasthesia.

4) You take pride in GDP growth during your tenure, why don’t you take responsibility of the biggest scams which took place during your tenure?

5) The Coal scam took place when you were the Coal Minister along with being the PM making you directly responsible for the scam but you chose to runaway under the garb of honesty.

6) There are Sikhs who have brought accolades and admiration to India and to the community. You only brought ridicule as being the Slave Sikh of an Italian mistress. The Powerless PM of independent India.

So next time before you pose questions, answer few. The blunders you committed and the scams you allowed to happen will be questioned till your voice is not choked.

Without regards
Robin Pasricha

(Note: The above content are from the Facebook post of Mr. Robin Pasricha)