An Open Letter to Karan Johar from a Disgruntled Bollywood Fan

Dear Karan Johar,

I had been and I believe I am still one among those who enjoy all genre of cinema. Especially the tear jerker, mushy romanticism and the ‘family sit-together and ear-together’ kind. When these movies are clubbed with the festival bonanza, they sure find a way into our evening’s, matinees or late night shows. What I am writing here is neither a movie review nor criticism, but want to keep my thoughts out there and see if there are few left aghast like me.

Can’t we have cinema showing pain, love, hatred, loss and still be real? Are we all not having these episodes in our lives already?

Still we don’t go through the cliché moments as dramatically portrayed in all of your films.

Now coming to your latest controversial film ADHM. Anushka’s character (Alizeh) has been shown to be a very strong headed, know-it-all or felt-it-all girl who knows what exactly she wants in life. So it’s quite bizarre to see her fall weak on her knees the moment she sees her ex, Ali (Fawad Khan), who supposedly cheated on her. Love being used here as her weakness is too poor of an excuse.

Then, we have a heart broken Ayan (Ranbir) who bumps into a gorgeous divorcee and a co-traveler, Saba (Aiswarya). She hears him wimping about this girl “Alizeh” for the entire duration of flight and by the end of it she gives him her number??? Further, just one phone call after 3 months and they are ready to burn it up!

There’s absolutely no effort put to explain the scorching lust shared between Ayan and Saba, not that am denying that two people can be attracted irrespective of age or background. But instead of wasting time on unnecessary remixed music, one could have spared some time on conversations to connect the characters.

The portion where the divorced husband (guest appearance by SRK) and the present lover Ayan, share their experiences and tips about the same woman is outright cheap. Dignity just jumped out of the window.

Most of the screen time was like a COLLAGE of scenes from old and gold movies. We all knew that this movie would be predictable but so annoyingly predictable was something I didn’t expect.

Your wit and proficiency with art to portray various emotions need not be wasted following the so called ‘trends’ in today’s society. There has been a steady decline in the strength of your movies from the moment the script starts complicating itself in order to achieve the very basic emotions of life. Either the situations are way too complex unlike real lives or way too easy!!!

Be it situations like a heartbreak, death or a simple camaraderie of friends, it is blown out of proportion and by the end of it we are tired of the scene, hoping that it ends soon. Emotions like falling in love and getting married is shown as simple as making microwave popcorn.

I as a movie goer feel cheated, not just on money but with the emotional investment. Everything around evolves and so should cinema, because it still has many followers. I had to take a call and watch ADHM alone as my friends had no such intention. And believe me I saved myself from their wrath.

This movie was in news for all the wrong reasons but your insisted people should give you a chance and watch this movie as it involved the hard work of 300 people. The same I would like to ask you, how could you waste so much talent and effort? Furthermore, considering the content of ADHM, I now really question myself why did so much people spend so much time on the controversies surrounding the movie???

Larger than life sets, serene locations and talented actors can only be justified, if content is good. I hope you find your way back and give us some movie experience worth cherishing because even I believe that being real doesn’t necessarily mean being dark or serious. It can be colorful and romantic, with a firm head on our shoulders. Let’s not lose the head.


A Bollywood Fan