Open Letter to A R Rahman On His Statement on Killing Of Gauri Lankesh

Yes A.R.Rahman sir, you are right. This is not your India, and hence you are speaking up loud.Your kind of India is where 500,000 Kashmiri Pandits are systematically kicked out of their homeland, many of them killed. They are still living life of refugees in their own country.

Your kind of India is where BJP/RSS workers are routinely hacked to death by communists and Islamic extremists.

Your kind of India is where Prashant Pujari, an innocent flower seller, is killed by goons because he tries to stop illegal slaughtering of cattle.

Your kind of India is where 5000 Hindu houses are burned in West Bengal by your co-religionists.

Your kind of India is where 900 families of Kairana (west UP) are threatened and forced to leave their ancestral home town simply because they are Hindus.

Your kind of India is when a Christian professor is beaten and his hands chopped off by your co-religionists because the professor asked a certain question which offended them.

Your kind of India is where journalists in Siwan, Patna and Chhapra are killed in broad daylight for exposing Mohammad Shahabuddin. Right ?

Ever spoken on those issues ?

You are respected all across India and I hold you in high esteem because of your music. You are a great singer and we all are your fans. Please stick to it. If you want to do politics, please do it openly.

by Kshitij Mohan Singh