“We Will Make You Bleed!” A Message to Lal Salaam Terrorists from an Indian.

Listen, you Lal Salaam Terrorists!

I have stopped addressing the cowards of your kind; whether you are hiding in the jungles of Bastar; or feasting the sarkari freebies like leeches in JNU; or hogging the airtime from the comfort of the CMO at Indraprastha Estate, Delhi. However, you have gotten under my skin today.

My love for the Defence forces goes way back to 1997 when I first watched JP Dutta’s border. I was 7 years old. Back in the day, every guy in my school wanted to be a soldier. It was a fad! By the time we completed school, most of them grew up. But I didn’t! I still wanted to be a part of the defence. And I did go for the SSB. And I cracked it. Why I did not join is none of your business, but you are lucky I did not. Because I would have shown you how much mightier my sword would have been than my pen.

It is a shame that you Lal Salaam cowards use guerilla tactics to hit our forces. These are men who have served the country for years with their blood and sweat. It doesn’t matter what kind of narratives Barkha Dutt, Kavita Krishnan, Sitaram Yechury, or Arundhati Roy create. But the truth remains:

India HATES Lal Salaam with a PASSION.

You Lal Salaam terrorists can hurt our men; You can harass, exploit, and extort our villagers and tribesmen. We know that you intimidate those poor, destitute, innocent and defenseless men. You rape their women and burn their property. You might have even formed your Lal Salaam governments in a few states.

But you can NEVER hurt the spirit of India.

The reason why you are getting so aggressive is because you have realised that your bastion is shrinking. You dream of seeing your red flag flying high, dripping with the blood of innocents has failed. You know your men are surrendering, being captured, and killed. The supply of ammunition is strangled. The funding from politicians and local contractors has been cut off.

You began your fight for equal treatment of your villagers. But today, you have a single point focussed agenda – to keep them deprived. The men you had hit were guarding the construction of a road. The road will connect villagers to the mainstream. They will get food, amenities, and money. They will be able to come out of the shackles that you have created and be free again! I am saying WILL because I know that you can stall development, but will never be able to stop it.

The fact that you are trying to obstruct a road clearly shows that you want them to STAY deprived. Those innocent villagers whom you have forcefully enslaved are waiting and ready to be freed. You are keeping them away from the mainstream. Because in doing that, the funds of your leaders will continue to flow. You will NEVER be able to realise your mala fide dream of establishing your corridor of terror from Tirupati to Pashupati.

You cannot do this anymore.

Your covert sleepers and urban conduits have exposed themselves. You are restless. You are trying to hold on to the last few strongholds you have. But you are losing ground. You are burning inside. Your last strongholds are slipping away. Therefore, your activities are aggressive. You are making too much noise. You might appear to be burning very bright, but you are soon, going to burn out.

And soon, there will be Lal Salaam no more.

And I promise you. The day my Olive Green hits your Red Bastion, trust me, your shirt will be red in blood; your pants will be wet too! Blood will flow like a river. 90 days is all that the Indian Army needs to make you an extinct species. And then, the Lal Salaam will be unheard of for all time to come.

Always keep one thing in your mind. You are alive today because India is letting you. It is a privilege. But I promise you this. The day you hurt the Union of India enough,

We will make you bleed.