Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi On Misery of A Poor Man Who Lost His Son And Battling to Save His Daughter, Daughter-in-Law

Respected Prime Minister ji – I am taking this opportunity to bring your attention to a misery of a Poor Father in Jharkhand who lost his young son and battling to keep his daughter and daughter-in-law alive.

This father named Naresh Mahto works in a factory in Okhla, Delhi. He is illiterate and earns barely Rs 15,000 a month. He had two sons (now has one) and a daughter (Pratima Kumari). The older son Pawan was married to Gayatri Devi and has one fifteen month old son.


He went with his family to village Bagdedih Giridih Jharkhand to get his young daughter married. His factory owner is a very kind man and gave him Rs 1 lac for the marriage expenses.


All the family members were together at his village home. The ladies were cooking food using small gas cylinder that they purchased from nearby village market. This was not the normal LPG one but local small cylinder.On April 25, 2017 suddenly, the gas cylinder blast happened…his son Pawan Kumar suffered 90% burn. Pratima and Gayatri suffered 70% burn.


The clueless father along with villagers rushed to RIMS (Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences) at Ranchi. It was a 7 hour journey by car. They in turn asked them to go to toDevkamal Hospital and Research Center, Bajra, Itki road, Ranchi. The son Pawan Kumar died on his way to RIMS.


This poor father ran and ran across hospitals, was not surewhat to do. Somehow performed the rituals of his dead son while managing the expensive hospital bills asking money from anyone and everyone who could give him. The stress and agony was so high that he was getting fainted every now and then. Somehow his inner conscience was telling him that he is the only one who can savehis daughters and has to do all out possible.


Pratima and Gayatri are recovering, but slowly. They will undergo surgery as soon as their wounds will be healed. They don’t know that they have lost theirbrother/husband otherwise their recovery will slow down or they will have nomotivation to live.


Some Indians in US and India came to know about it. They called their friends in Ranchi and Delhi. One of them asked them to meet the local MLA Naveen Jaiswal ji. This father went to his office couple of times. He was well attended and was asked to get the documents from his local MLA office of Giridih.The local MLA name is RajKumar Yadav. Without that, there was no way to help him.


Another friend said that he can help if Naresh ji has Below Poverty Level (BPL)Card. That is the only way to get Deputy Commissioner Office to help or JharkhandCivil Doctor to extend financial help. We checked and the family is enrolledunder BPL but the government has not sent the cards to the villages


The father is running around like a helpless soul between Ranchi, MLA officein Ranchi and Giridih, his village and what not. There is NO CONCRETE HELP so far from anyone.


On top of all these miseries, the villagers almost forced him in the name of rituals and to stay within the community, to feed the entire village and nearby village for the 10th, 11th and 12th day for the dead son. He borrowed money again to complete the rituals and somehow feed the villagers for 10th and 11th. With no money in hand, some relatives somehow managing the patients in the hospital, this father could not afford to feed the villagers for the 12th day.


Some friends from India and US are sending funds and have also started the crowd funding campaign in MILAAP


Drumi Bhatt ji, is calling the family and hospital everyday extending her help. Drumi runs an NGO Karma Konnect. Nupur Dave ji works for Google India and is ensuring that the hospital bills are taken care. She had been raising funds


Can we humbly request the mercy of Jharkhand Government and Central Government to come forward and help Naresh Mahtoji family?Can we humbly request your phone call toJharkhand government to end the bureaucracy before mankind and help this father!Is there anyone in Modi ji government who care for this Poor Naresh and his family?


Also, Governments MUST take action on sale of these gas cylinders without following safety norms. Thousands of lives are lost every year because of non-compliance or no adequate controls.


Naresh Mahroji#98182-19263

Praveen Mahro #96316-69190

Drumi Bhatt # 70436-50180

Sachin Chitlangia US # +1-281-799-9419


Thank you



Sachin Chitlangia

Houston, USA