An open letter to Prakash Raj for his latest statement on PM Modi

To Mr. Prakash Raj.

Mr. Raj, I have always been an admirer of yours. Though I was never too much into movies but still I managed to watch Singham more than ten times, which is quite a lot for a person like me who is yet to see the legendary movie DDLJ completely. And I’ll admit that you and your flawless acting in the role of Jaikant Shikre is one of the reasons I have seen the movie this many times. You must be wondering why am I writing all this things, and I know sir that you are a very busy person so I’ll not waste your time anymore and will come to the point directly.

Sir I recently came across the comments you made at the program of Democratic youth federation of India (DYFI) and sir I’m very happy to know that you care so much about journalists. It is nice to know that a person who belongs to an industry which never misses an opportunity to mock the journalists, actually cares about us so much. Sir I’m also a journalist, a very small and ordinary journalist who works for a very small and ordinary institution.

I would like to let you know that whenever we write a story against any Politician, political party or influential person we put our lives on the line. We don’t know sir, that when someone from behind will come and stab us, something what happened to our brother Shantanu Bhowmick. He was a young and bright journalist from Tripura who was doing his job. He was reporting a story when some people attacked on him from behind and stabbed him to death. And sir I was surprised to see that even when you had this sudden outburst of love for journalists you did not speak a single word for Shantanu Bhowmick. Sir I wonder is all your love only and specifically for Gauri Lankesh?

Sir I would also like to tell you that the murder of Gauri Lankesh was not the very first case of a journalist being murdered in this country. You are a very busy person, it is possible that you don’t get enough time to read newspaper daily, hence as a journalist I consider it to be my utmost duty to kindly let you know that since 2013, 22 journalists have been murdered in this country.

All this surprised me, but the way you were talking that night shocked me sir. The way you were making statements that night it seemed like it was not the actor Prakash Raj but was actually Jaikant Shikre who was making the statements. You were talking like a seasoned politician. You blamed the Prime Minister, you also dragged the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath who has absolutely nothing to do with anything happening in Bengaluru, 2000 kilometers away from Lucknow. But you have not uttered a single word against the sitting Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah who is to blamed for the law and order situation in the state. Sir you accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of following certain people on Twitter who were celebrating the death of Gauri Lankesh, but sir the same Gauri Lankesh was also celebrating the death of others just days before her own death.

Sir you said that you want to return the awards you received (probably from the government), even though now you seemed to have changed your mind but sir if in future you again think about returning awards you received from the government, please return the prize money along with it. The prize money given to you was public money sir, so if you ever plan of returning them, return them completely and not just the trophy.

Moreover it seemed like you were handed a poorly researched and badly written script this time, but being an excellent actor that you are, you pulled it off brilliantly. I would like to conclude by saying, life is not a movie so don’t let Jaikant Shikre get into your mind.