An Open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from an IT engineer to perform a different kind of surgical strike !!!

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

The recently concluded surgical strike by our Indian Jawans in Pakistan occupied Kashmir has become a sense of tremendous pride for patriotic Indians. The Nation is truly stunned by such an unexpected move since this has broken the shackles of many minds who have constantly questioned the “Indian Army’s might”. The whole of India will now be rest assured that the Indian Army has now been given full authority to strike back, whenever required.

But there is still an area inside our society which badly needs a surgical strike. This strike could be similar to the one which was conducted on the wee morning hours of 29th September 2016. There have been millions of students who have been badly affected by this infection which has been consuming our society from within.

Yes, I am talking about the widespread presence of caste based reservation in the area of education. In a country like India, the brightest and best minds have come from all corners of the society. The educational playing field is determined by one’s caste and not merit. This has created a skewed view in every student’s mind.

The average Indian student has forgotten that only when he/she competes with students from different societies, he/she will be able to progress forward. Currently the situation is as such that a student who supposedly hails from the Dailt community is psychologically under the influence that he/she has been subjected to oppression. This is happening irrespective of the fact that his/her parents hail from a very educated society or from an affluent class. So finally what happens is that the affluent Dalit student ends up opting for a reserved seat thus pushing an economically suppressed Dalit student from further backward.

Talking about Dalits, let us take the example of the state of Tamil Nadu from which I hail. Although this state reserves 30% of its seats for OBCs, 20% of its seats for MBC and 19% of its seats for SC & ST, it has hardly been able to uplift the Dalit community who constitute 20% of current population. The reason being that none of the Political leaders are interested in creating a level playing field for the student. On most occasions the Dalit case has been taken as a political issue, soon to be forgotten right after the elections.

Now coming to the action points !!!

I personally feel an able leader like you sir, can effectively communicate to tackle this issue. Firstly similar to the “Give Up LPG” initiative, could you request self respecting OBCs, MBCs and SC & STs hailing from affluent families to give up their share of reservation on education. This can be championed by your mass communication programs like Twitter and “Mann Ki Baat”.

Secondly, the Government of India must stop encouraging reservation in education based on caste. Reservation must be given for students based on socio economic factors and merit rather than purely relying on caste. This not only creates a level playing field but also spreads the message of truly social equality.

Thirdly, the students who hail from various backward communities in India are culturally unaware of the greatness of their society. The British have misrepresented our caste system for their own Colonial needs which has surprisingly been picked up by the current Political class. Only true knowledge leads to eradication of the evils, currently our Political leaders have injected load of evils in the student’s mind.

These points mentioned by me are definitely bound to create a Political uproar in our Nation especially with assembly elections once in six months. But only such uproars will lead up to deliberation and debates in all corners of the society. People who are willing to act will always act and the ones who sit and bicker will always end up playing spoil sport.


Prakash R