An Open Letter To Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on a very successful three Nation trip (Portugal-USA-Netherlands) within a short period of just 96 hours. I read in several papers that you spent 33 hours of the entire journey in flight and attended as much as 33 engagements, that too on such a short notice. Nobody in the right mindset would question your commitment and dedication to progress of Bharath.

Recently there was a dastardly incident in the city of Srinagar during the Islamic holy month of Ramzan. A Kashmir Police Officer by the name of Mohammed Ayub Pandith was posted in plain clothes near the Jamia Masjid for Shab-e-Qadr. Separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was inside the mosque, scheduled to speak to a gathering of Muslims.

As quoted by ADGP Security of Jammu and Kashmir, Dilbagh Singh, there was an outburst of Anti National sloganeering from the people who came out of the mosque. DSP Pandith’s timely intervention to gather video-graphic evidence of the people who shouted these slogans, made his family pay a heavy price. The mob who came out of the mosque were angered by his actions and cornered him.

DSP Pandith’s open firing in self defense injured three civilians but unfortunately it could not save his life. The irate mob caught hold of the DSP, stripped him naked and lynched him to death. Pandith is survived by his wife, a 28-year-old son and a 22-year-old daughter.

There have been instantaneous protests by Nationalistic Muslims from Kashmir condemning the act of Islamic Fundamentalists against the security forces in Srinagar, that too on the Islamic holy month of Ramzan. One such video is present in this link for your reference.

A couple of days back, there was yet another equally disturbing incident near the National capital of India. Junaid Khan, a 15 year old teenager, was returning from Delhi along with his two brothers in Delhi-Mathura express after Eid shopping. An argument over train seats escalated and religious slurs were hurled at the brothers, which resulted in the lynching of this innocent teenager by a communal frenzied mob of 20.

Junaid Khan’s entire family in Khandawli village (Faridabad), has been shocked by this incident. Their dreams to celebrate a peaceful Eid along with their family came to a crumbling end.

The insensitive part of the above lynching incident is that, the entire episode happened in a fully crowded train and no one bothered to question the mob. What is ever more intensive about this incident is that, TRP starved media houses like NDTV and Times Of India went ahead to report this incident with a twist of ‘BEEF’ as the main reason for altercation. On Eid, residents of Ballabhgarh wore black armbands in protest against the killing of Junaid Khan.

Both these mob lynchings incidents have equally shocked and appalled the nation, since it has occurred within a short gap of 2-3 days.

It has been nearly three years since a section of the Elite have been sidelined by your Government for their lack of credibility. Be it the failed intelligentsia or the pseudo journalist, they have lost all sorts of credibility and exposed themselves at every instance in the eyes of the Indian public.

But what one doesn’t realize is that this section will never remain silent, they always try to collaborate with their pay masters to launch new schemes of disruption. One such new scheme, which is more or less is similar to the Intolerance Award returning protests of 2015, is the ‘Not In My Name’ protest. So for our convenience let us call this protest Intolerance Protest Version 2.0.

These Not In My Name protesters gathered in Jantar Mantar in Delhi to show solidarity against the recent mob lynchings of Muslims and Dalits in India. While the protests gathered enough steam in Twitter and Media house websites, they probably could not garner the much needed mass attention as how the Jallikattu protests had rocked the entire World.

The protesters tried to depict all mob lynchings in India right from 2015 in a Lynch Map. While the primary objective of the protest was to condemn the mob lynching of Muslims and Dalits, surprisingly they have left out the lynching incident of DSP Mohammed Ayub Pandith. Probably the name Pandit could have confused them and they would have thought he was a Kashmiri Pandit, this made makes a lot of sense to me.

Also the Not In My Name protest seemed more Anti Hindu and Anti Modi rather than a solidarity protest for Muslims and Dalits. Posters depicting Brahminical tyranny, Hindu Terrorism and Hindutva dominance rocked the show. Smiling selfies from part time journalists, groupies from political party heads with media house owners showed an indication of their intention.

This fervour in their spirit could possibly be explained because of the fact that it had been a long time since they have gathered in such an organized protest, that too at the expense of some folks in the background. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to try and understand who organizes these protest and how they are politically motivated.

The Indian public are hardly perturbed by such protests as it doesn’t take much time to realize why or for what reason these protests are held. What is very saddening to see the timing of your below tweet in condemning Gau Bhakti, that too when these protesters are trying to equate every Muslim or Dalit violence with Beef.

I am not of the opinion that there are no fringe elements in Hindutva forces who constantly try to deviate the ideology with their own personal agenda. It is true that many such fringe elements are present and you have already pointed out this once. The earlier statement made by you has been completely agreed by the Indian public as well.

But what about the fundamentalists in states like Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kashmir who kill in the name of religion? When are we expected to see action against these rouge elements? Political and Ideological killings are rampant in the many Indian states that too with the complete endorsement of their respective heads. We are tired of hearing ‘Kadi Ninda’, ‘Kadi Ninda’ and ‘Kadi Ninda’.

Why should crime be categorized in the name Gau Bhakti, when many of the mob lynchings in the name of ‘Beef’ have been exposed as fake? How long should one wait to see the Government of India take action against these fake Media Houses who disturb the peace of people in the name of TRP? Why is the Indian Government handling these exposed Media Houses with kid gloves?

How long should have to wait for Uniform civil code to be implemented in India? Aren’t we all considered equal under the purview of the Indian constitution? Should we keep appeasing a section of the society simply for the fact that their ancestors were intimidated several decades back?

These questions certainly need an answering and I am hopeful that you will take rapid action against them.


Prakash R