An Open Letter to the pseudo free speech warrior Gurmehar Kaur

Dear Gurmehar Kaur,

Recently I heard that you are being hailed as “free speech warrior” by Time Magazine but, are you? You are being made a free speech warrior but as per my experiences you aren’t one. I came to know about you when I saw that you were being trolled and were allegedly receiving death threats for a video in which you were saying, Pakistan didn’t kill your father war did.

I thought you were referring to Kargil, a war which was perpetuated by Pakistan on India after Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee went there with many celebrities to give strength to much touted “Aman ki asha”, asha with is unrequited and is mostly followed by Indians. Being a son of former Army-man and grandson of a Freedom Fighter I had sympathy with you that you didn’t get to spend time with your dad, a soldier. But with God’s grace I got to do that, I know how soldiers feel when someone abuses our country, I know how angry he got when India was blamed for Kargil. I too, like my father and crores of other people in India, didn’t reciprocate the message which was given in that video but it was of course reciprocated by the elites who run the narrative in this country, you were made the elite icon of free speech .

Few months had passed and a new controversy arose against the cringe pop song of Omprakash Mishra. Me and few of my friends decided to support him and make memes against the people who were harassing him. The harassment was of course done by the elites and intelligentsia, whom you were a part of.

We made two memes on you in which we opposed the elitist ideology that you belonged to, rather than supporting “free speech” for which you were being hailed for. You gave threats via messaging us on our page, giving us one hour to stop opposing your elitist ideology. We panicked but then we thought of going public, we thought after doing this we might strike some sense into you but of course we couldn’t.

You messaged us again and like a bully you tried to arm twist us and succumb us to your threats, in which you gave us a warning to do what you say or you will destroy our careers. Although I agree, you partially succeeded in your mission, after which we deleted many posts. We thought you can destroy our lives and careers, anyone would be afraid whoever gets threatened by people who have thousands of followers and who belong to the elite intelligentsia which is famous for shutting down people’s voices which go against them.

We were quite scared, we deleted the MEMEs which we made against elitist ideology which had no defamatory content in them and unpublished our page many times. But as I said you were partially successful, we haven’t forgotten and we didn’t succumb, we will keep raising our voice against your elitist ideology which might get stronger as you have now become a pseudo free speech icon who can’t take criticism on her ideology.

You might get the tag of being a “free speech warrior”, but for me and few people who know the complete story you will not be anything more than a bully. I had one time opened your twitter id in which I saw the irony, a tweet which is pinned and uses a hashtag “small acts of freedom” though you just wrote those words and you didn’t mean them.

I still have sympathies with you that you lost your father, but Alas! the apple has fallen far from the tree. My salute to your father, who knew what it means to be a patriot and sympathies with you for not knowing the meaning of “Free-Speech”


A Free Speech Warrior who stood up to BULLIES like you…