An Open Letter to Self Proclaimed Secular’s Who Tried to Defame Nationalits on Ram Rahim Issue !!

Dear Rana Ayyub and Other Self Proclaimed Liberal Seculars,

In Haryana where many supporters of Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim created a riot in Panchkula, is indeed a blot on our emerging superpower country India. While browsing through social media, I found some shocking reactions and comparisons from our own countrymen. Here are some of them:-

A Person named Darab Farooqui, who claims to work with Flim Industry and alumni of St Xaviers posts below opinion.

Then we have our own self proclaimed messiah of liberals and seculars in India posting below opinion on the Haryana incident thereby adding fuel to the already burning fire. Here is what Rana Ayyub, who is a author at NDTV, posts on twitter. She adds communal flavor to the incident.

She goes ahead to endorse another statement from a communist and controversial lady, who shares random quote without any evidence.

Ex-Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who clearly has no understanding of what is happening in ground reality, made a series of not so enlightened tweets. Nidhi Razdha, who is famous for her biased views and clearly quotes a opinion which is playing the Kashmiri victim card.

While the State Government was using real bullets to deal the situation, they were asking for pellet guns and chilly grenades. Do these people think the public is a fool or the public is not informed of the ground reality?

It is indeed sad that such such an incident had happened and we all have called this a blot on Indian Democracy, a fitting reply was given through SatyaVijayi as well.

Dear Ram Rahim, if your followers are Burning the country, you are not a Messenger of God

But such opinion from self proclaimed seculars is doing nothing but adding fuel to fire and hence, decided to write an open letter countering this fake narrative.

To Answer Mr Farooqhi, imagine what happened in Haryana today happened in Kashmir then people like Barkha Dutt would have run to each of the dead terrorists house. They would have claimed them to be a son of poor headmaster and weapons would have been proclaimed as social media like in case of Burhan Wani.

Imagine what happened in Haryana today happened in West Bengal then Incidents like Madla would have happened and poor Hindus’s houses would have been burned to ashes but you would have been watching it with popcorn in your hand.

Imagine what happened in Haryana today happened in Kerala, it is already happening and you are unaware. A Young RSS Swayamsevak is hunted down by red terrorists but you choose to stay blind or enjoy again with a pack of popcorn in your hand.

Imagine what happened in Haryana today happened in JNU then Awards would have been returned and India would have been labeled INTOLERANT by few self proclaimed seculars in front of entire world.

Imagine what happened in Haryana today happened in Naxal Land, it is already happening and given a befitting reply by our CRPF jawans. But these liberals choose to pick incidents as per their own convenience to condemn or create noise.

Imagine what happened in Haryana today happened in North East. Yes, something similar was reported couple of days back, where allegedly a Naga Girl burning Indian flag video surfaced but North East brothers are patriotic unlike you. It was a plot of your cousins from Pakistan and China and nothing to do with North East.

Is this actually a Naga Girl who is burning the Indian Flag?

Now answering Bibi Rana Ayyub, Bibi Nidhi Razdhan and Omar Bhai, if a Muslim would have done as what has happened in Haryana, you would have already defended it by now quoting “Terror has No Religion”. The followers were son of poor head masters and forced into this because of circumstances created by communal majority.

Have you forgot, what happened for Junaid, who was killed because of fight for a seat but you and your pseudo secular brigade created a huge ruckus and fake demonstrations at Jantar Mantar painting it as a communal murder because of Beef? The same was done for Dadri Incident as well, forgot it is it? Paid Sahitya Awards would have been returned and intolerance brigade would have been on street calling the country, they live in as Intolerant.

Of-course, all these would have been blamed on single person, Yes, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom you hate from the heart. But for Haryana Incident, your protests would be limited in Twitter since those who created riots and those who were killed does not belong to your pseudo secular family. But you wont leave this incident in painting bad image and taking potshot on the person, you hate.

I am hopeful that people already understand, that these self proclaimed liberals and seculars are careful and deliberate in mixing Jihadi Terrorism, Naxalism & Communist Red Terrorism as socialism in an attempt to fool neutral Indians.


An Indian speaks from heart and not for Money or Awards