An Open Letter to the Society on the recent New Year’s Eve Molestation Incident in Bangalore

Dear Indian Society,

Before I begin with what I intend to convey, I would like to strongly condemn the actions of hooligans and barbarians who misbehaved with women in Bangalore at M G Road on New Year’s Eve. These are not isolated sporadic violent incidents against women in India and they are continuously on the rise, year by year.

The day I saw CCTV footage of two men on a scooter molesting and hurting a young girl on the roads of Kammanahalli in Bangalore, I was shell shocked. The first question which stuck my mind was; Are these men or animals? Don’t they have mothers and sisters? Aren’t they afraid of the consequences that they might face?

As Politicians of Karnataka and Maharashtra started making lewd comments on these incidents, the Media Houses along with their accomplice, the Pseudo Feminists, have diverted this incident into something much more ugly and grave. Every time a crime is committed against women in India, the TRP craving Media Houses create a “tu-tu main-main” situation with Misogynist Men on one side and Pseudo Feminists on the other.

The Misogynists often come up with absurd arguments “It is the Women’s Dress”, “Sanskaar” and what not, thus prompting the Feminists to hurl all the blame on the Indian Male’s mindset. Amidst all this chaos, the real issue is lost and we have to wait for another Nirbhaya before we can come up with something constructive.

The cause for such incidents is never the “Women’s Dress was too short”, “She should have been at home in the kitchen”, “the Indian Boys should be raised properly” or finally “Men should learn to cry”. Unfortunately both the teams are and have always been wrong in analyzing the causes.

Firstly, every such incident is a crime and there is no chalta hai concept in this. These crimes are nothing but a reflection of our society. What happens in the bus to any random girl could next happen to the women of your house. Not just men but we as a society must understand that unless we stand on the right site, no one will stand by with us in future.

Secondly, these crimes are committed by criminals. Not by any men, not by any boy, not by the patriarchal male society but by hard core criminals. Be it a dominating father, an egoistic husband, a demanding brother and a bossy male co-worker, he is first and foremost human.

Trust me, over 90% of these Indian Male would not like the women they know to be exposed to such incidents. How will they commit such heinous crimes themselves? It is only a small number – less than 10% who should be branded as the bad nut. Blaming the majority for crimes being committed by a small minority can harm the structure of the society more.

Third, we already have enough laws in the Indian Constitution to punish these criminals, no new laws are required. In fact, the Juvenile Justice Act was also turned from gender natural to female biased after the Nirbhaya incident. But the real question here is: Are they actually being punished? Most of these mob molestation incidents go unreported. Even if they are reported, criminals are left unpunished.

In many cases, it is the same criminal committing the same crime over and over again. Having gotten away once, he now has no fear of any consequences, or the Law of the Land.

Fourth, we as a society should seriously start taking our protection as a priority. Attending New Year’s Party might be fun but is it fun to attend them amidst a mob of drunkards? It is a serious concern for both men and women

We should start demanding fool proof protection from the Government and our workplaces, especially if it affects us. We can’t stop offices or cities from operating at the night; but we can ensure that we have fool proof protection till we reach home.

Only if the society works in tandem with every player can we ensue that these points are implemented. Ascertain a crime, identify the criminal, apprehend him/her, and finally be aware of your protection.


Prakash R (Author)