Open Letter to Indian Media by Indian Navy Personal on their baseless questions on Intolerance

Indian paid media now went to such an extent that they questioned Indian Navy while they were helping Chennai flood Victims on Intolerance and Secularism. To This, One Indian Navy personal Shakthi Pavithran, who is serving Indian Navy has hit out paid media through an open letter via his Facebook Post.


Here is his content of the open letter.


I’m a serving sailor in the Indian Navy.

I was hoping to get a message across to my brothers an sisters through this forum.

You see, me and my brothers from the Naval fraternity, Army, Air force, we spend months away from our family, with our back turned to the country. We are not able to keep up with the news.

When we finally get back, its very disappointing to see what our country is being needlessly dragged through.

Every return to civilization brings us a new wave of despondency.

It makes us question, why are we doing what we are doing? Are we doing enough? Are we facing the wrong side at the border?

Recently I heard our integrity in service to the nation has been called into question. AND IT HURTS…..

Shouldn’t giving up the best year of our lives for your country be enough?

Shouldn’t willing yourself to run into a hail of bullets, or a burning compartment, or a flooded area, when every human survival instinct tells you to run in the opposite direction be enough?

Now people have resorted to using me and my service to rake up non issues in the country.. that too in the name of religion?.. WHY?

I want to assure each and every one of our countrymen that each one of us will take a bullet for you irrespective of who you are.

On a occasion when the Navy is carrying out rescue operation in Chennai, a reporter asks Navy Chief “Is Indian Navy affected by Religious Intolerance?”

That is literally the ” stupidest” question I have ever heard of being asked….BY ANYONE…. TO ANYONE…EVER!!!!

We have no religion.
1) Country
2) Countrymen
3) Navy
4) Our Ship
5) The Soldier next to me
6) Family

Those are the things that matter to us….AND IN THAT ORDER!!

We read verses from the Holy Books of all religions before we sail out.

Even though there is no official instruction, we don’t put our Muslim brothers on duty during Ramzan.

The first person to wish me Happy Diwali this year was a Sikh.

The guy who changed my bandages when I was in the hospital and smuggled me watermelon at midnight because I was hungry was Christian.

My best mate is Muslim.

The guy who did extra duty so I could go home for Onam was from Odisha.

I did the same for a Bengali during Durga Pooja.

All these identities never register among us.We do all of this out of pure brotherhood.



— N S Pavithran.