We need to save our Gods from the vultures of the Museums – an open letter to Rajan Zed

It has been a wonderful journey looking at the timeline of self-proclaimed Hindu leader like you. It was an eye-opener for me and I want to share my views on your statements especially related to Hindu artifacts in the museums around the world. In fact, my desire to #SaveOurGods grew stronger after looking how conveniently you decided to lean towards the benefits of museums without even thinking once where all these artifacts actually end up!

With no disrespect sir, I would like to point out a few things that promptly came to my mind. First of all, I would like to ask you if you are actually aware how the system works in this world. Taking the example of a city, when the administration gives budget to an official, their performance is calculated on the basis of the time spent on the project and how much money is saved. In the world of museums, it is quite different. The assessment is done how much money is spent and how many artifacts have been acquired. Many museums even increase the budget of the buyers if they have performed well in a particular year. Now, I would like to ask you, how would you justify the black market created by such buyers to acquire the artifacts?

Secondly, most of the “Hindu” artifacts belong to the temples in India. In the last 1300+ years, we have seen so much destruction and loot of our ancestral property in form of jewels, artifacts, statues etc. that it is next to impossible to bring back the glory our country had in form of temples. How will you justify the increase in the theft of such artifacts from the temples if a door is opened for the museums to acquire Hindu artifacts?

I am sure that if such door is opened, the authorities who are already trying to finish the temples in many parts of the country will make it possible for the museums around the world to have a backdoor entry to the temples which are under government’s control. We all know how corrupt babus work and you know that too! How will you justify the missing statues and moortis from temples and historic places all of a sudden?

There are many organizations which are working in hand with the present NDA-led government to bring back the lost artifacts to the country. However, because of the bureaucracy that unfortunately you support, even if these artifacts come back or find a way to come back, they never reach their rightful place. Some high-level bureaucrats are so high headed that they do not even feel ashamed of taking these artifacts to their homes and keep them as showpieces! Please don’t tell me that you are not aware of this!

Also, I am sure you are aware of the fact that most of the museums sell these artifacts to private collectors at very high price whenever they need funds. For them, these are not pieces of history but an investment in an item which will get expensive every minute. Unlike them, we care for these artifacts because they are part of our glorious history that we thrive to bring back to life.

Frankly speaking, encouraging museums from around the world to try their hands on acquiring more Hindu artifacts will destroy our history. The history that we are proud of and trying to save. It may suit the materialistic approach of the people around the world who want to put up their face in front as “genuine Hindus” but in reality, if you do not try to save your history, the future will tear you apart.

When i tried reaching out  on this issue to Anuraag Saxena who heads the India Pride Project which is doing an enormous amount of work to bring back Indian antiques from various countries and also save our artifacts, he said “It is shameful that NRI Hindu leaders treat our murtis as saleable products.”

No one, I repeat, no one in his or her sane mind will accept the movement of Indian Hindu artifacts from the temples and monuments to foreign or even Indian museums. If you really want to save these artifacts, let’s make museums inside temple premises to save these artifacts. That will be a much better way! I am sure, no one with a little bit of pride in his or her heart will allow the current or future government to bend the knees in front of the museums no matter how rich they are. Such lobbying is not going to work on us. It simply will not. We are here to #SaveOurGods.