Opinion: Are We Giving Enough Respect to the Army Who Secure India Day and Night?

India has perhaps the most diverse border areas than any other country in the World. Some border areas are in desert region where the temperature in summer days exceeds the 50 °C. Other border areas are in mountainous regions like the Siachen, where the temperature remains in sub zero temperatures all throughout the year. Few are in deep jungles which are filled with poisonous snakes and insects apart from dangerous animals.

But even in such adverse conditions the soldiers of Indian Army stand firmly to protect us. Neither do they care about the extreme conditions they are compelled to live in, nor they care about the guns of enemies that are always pointed at them. All they care about is the security of India and its vast population.

Usually the job of forces in any country is to protect the international borders, and in India the protection of borders is several times more strenuous. This is purely because of the diverse weather conditions and the fact that we have such wonderful neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh and China who in turn add more workload on the forces.

Defending the borders is not the only activity done by our security forces, they are forced to do every single activity when our system fails to take it up. They are sent to supervise various levels of elections at various states all throughout the year. They are required to build and maintain roads (Border Roads Organisation) in difficult terrains. They are even expected to perform rescue operations when a disaster strikes anywhere in the country.

But despite all this, there are several personalities in India who hurl abuses and allegations at the security forces of India. From rape to stalking, these personalities make all kinds of baseless allegations against them. After all the Indian Army is soft target and they don’t go around filling defamation suits unlike how our politicians do. And those people who actually care about our soldiers are often ridiculed by the so-called ‘cool dude comedians’ on YouTube, someone who has hardly done anything constructive of this Nation.

Recently some images of heavily injured CRPF soldiers from Kashmir have surfaced, one soldier is seen heavily bleeding as a result of broken tooth. It would have been a matter of pride for them, had these injuries been caused to them by the enemy. But sadly their injuries were results of assaults by their countrymen, the people they fight to protect.

The Indian Army stand face to face with bullets and mortars of the enemy to protect innocent civilians of Kashmir. The Indian Army rescues the civilians when flood hits the region. But in return for all their hard work and sacrifice, all the Army receive are abuses and stones, especially in Kashmir.

The stone pelters of Kashmir try to attack the Army who are there to protect them. What these people don’t understand is that the real threat to Kashmir and Kashmiri civilians are Seperatists and their Pakistani masters who export terrorists into the valley.

What is even more unfortunate is that certain politicians of Kashmir who enjoy all the security provided by the armed forces, never speak up about the misbehaviour against the soldiers by the so-called ‘misguided youth’.

Few other politicians like Farookh Abdullah actually encourage the stone pelters and rush to their defence.

The country wouldn’t have been where it is today, without our brave soldiers and their countless sacrifices. We should ask ourselves whether we are treating our forces with respect and dignity. Are we supporting them in their times of need? Are we showing our strong opposition when these personalities question the activities of our security forces?

We should question whether we are just a lot of ungrateful individuals, these questions need to be asked and discussed.

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