Opinion: Here is why Gauhar Khan must talk to Muslims herself, rather than virtue signalling on social media

It is no big secret that the Indian entertainment industry is full of bird-brained nincompoops. Every time you think that they are done with their stupid shenanigans, they come up with new ones.


This time they have launched another victimhood narrative at the behest of their political masters, titled #TalktoaMuslim. The politics of our country thrives off of narratives of victimhood because victimhood is seen as a virtue. The groups that cry victim the most are pampered the most too. And, when you take away their victimhood, they feel as though you have taken away their privilege. Thus, they always want to be seen and feel as victims. Anybody who challenges their false narratives is seen as an enemy, and any discussion against this narrative is immediately labelled as hate speech. The “celebrities” who further this propaganda are merely mercenaries of this quest for victim hood.


One of these celebrities is Gauhar Khan. She has tweeted the hashtag #TalktoaMuslim along with this: “#TalkToAMuslim  seriously didn’t think a day would come where talking to a muslim leader or a commoner would question ur patriotism or ur belief in ur own faith!!by land I am a Hindu ,by faith I am a Muslim and by heart n soul INDIAN is my identity !!! #killThehate #spreadlove.”

Irony is strong with Gauhar Khan. She should be the first person talking to Muslims plagued by radical Islam because she has been attacked by them. If you don’t know, a few years back a Muslim man named Mohammad Akil Malik slapped her on the set of a reality show in Mumbai, as she was wearing a skimpy dress which is forbidden in Islam. Following this incident Gauhar was left in tears and an FIR was filed against the assailant. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Actor-Gauhar-Khan-slapped-for-skimpy-dress/articleshow/45329277.cms


Moreover, she broke up with her boyfriend Kushal Tandon over religious differences. It was alleged that she wanted Kushal to convert to her faith, Islam.


Now that she has taken part in the new twitter trend, #TalktoaMuslim, she must talk to her assailant and try to find out why Islamic radicalism is dangerous. And she must also try to find out why an overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslim extremists, why a section of Indian Muslim wants separate Sharia courts, why Muslim clerics are opposed to banning triple talaq and halala, why some Muslims are opposed to the restoration of their own country’s ancient heritage destroyed by Islamic iconoclasm. She must also introspect over her decision of breaking up with her boyfriend Kushal over religious differences, rather than virtue signalling on Twitter. Last but not the least, she must also talk to Maulana Qasmi who slapped a woman fighting against triple talaq on a television debate and ask him that why does he hate strong and independent women?

However, most of these so-called celebrities are hypocrites. Gauhar Khan is no exception. Chances are slim that she would do any of the aforementioned things. She has taken part in the new hashtag trend only for some fresh attention.

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