Opinion: Murder of Hemanta Roy exposed the political hypocrisy in West Bengal

If there is one thing which is growing leaps and bounds in India then that is the hypocrisy in our society. This hypocrisy is the reason behind vocal outrage for Gauri Lankesh but complete silence for Santanu Bhowmick even though both the journalists were murdered in a span of two weeks. This hypocrisy made the nose of Deepika Padukone more valuable than the life of Rohit Sardana. Time and again various events exposed this hypocrisy of ours but instead of being ashamed of it some people rather defend try to defend it.

In a span of a week, two people belonging to West Bengal were murdered in other states. The first one was MD, Afrajul Khan of Malda, West Bengal. Afrajul was murdered in Rajasthan and the video of his brutal murder went viral on the internet. There were huge protests from all around the country after his murder. His dead body was brought back from Rajasthan to his hometown in Malda. Some of the top Ministers, MLA’s, and leaders of the ruling Party TMC in West Bengal participated in the last rites of Afrajul. 3lakh of cash compensation along with job for a member of his family and even pensions were announced. The youth wing of TMC carried out candle marches on the streets of Kolkata to protest his murder. Other parties of West Bengal were not behind either. Leaders of Communist Party (CPIM) and Congress party went for political pilgrimage at Afrajul’s house in Malda.

Now here I would like to make it clear that I have no problem with all that was done for the family of Afrajul. But I have problem with what wasn’t done after. As said Afrajul was the first person of West Bengal to get murdered in other state within a week. The second person was Hemanta Roy of Bankura. By profession a mechanic, Hemanta went to Kerala in search of work where he got murdered. Someone slit Hemanta’s throat to kill him. Who killed Hemanta is yet unknown because unlike Afrajul’s case where the culprit was arrested within hours, there is no news of the arrest of Hemanta’s murderer.

Death did not differentiate between the two but our system did. While body of Afrajul was brought back from Rajasthan the family of Hemanta had to go all the way to Kerala. No compensation, jobs or pensions have been announced for the family of Hemanta yet. Media did not give as much attention to his murder as was given to Afrajul. The complete silence of Congress and Communist Party (CPIM) is understandable as both of them are in an unofficial coalition in the state and the murder took place in Kerala under communist regime. Speaking of TMC which was very vocal about the Afrajul’s murder and painted it as an attack on the entire bengali community has been pretty much silent about Hemanta and there was only a formal condemnation from Chief Minister, nothing else.

Afrajul and Hemanta both were Bengalis but their religion and places of murder made the difference. TMC remained silent because they couldn’t paint it as an attack on minorites (Muslims). CPIM is silent because the murder took place under their regime in Kerala. Congress is silent because they can’t blame Prime Minister for this and being vocal about it might affect their relations with CPIM in West Bengal. Other regionalist forces are silent as they can’t blame the so-called North Indians for it.

Everyone have their agenda and reason to remain silent but nobody wants accept their hypocrisy.