Opposition parties accuse Prime Minister Imran Khan of spending taxpayers money on the Umrah of his family while withdrawing hajj subsidy for citizens

The opposition parties in Pakistan have accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of spending taxpayers money on the Umrah (religious pilgrimage to mecca) while withdrawing the hajj subsidy for the citizens.

“The prime minister should tell the nation how much money has been spent on these individuals who had nothing to do with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit,” Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)  spokesperson, Marriyum Aurangzeb told reporters on Sunday.

“How many freeloaders enjoyed the ride on the hard-earned tax money of the Pakistani people?” she asked.

Aurangzeb reminded the prime minister of his pledge that he would never use a special aircraft for his travels and nobody but essential individuals would accompany him
on foreign visits. “What happened to all those tall claims?”

“He [the prime minister] dupes the nation by selling off buffaloes and sheep and spends public money on his family and friends’ lavish trips.”

The PML-N spokesperson said Imran had either shut down or slashed the funds of every public welfare programme saying that the government did not have money.

“The nation needs to know where the money for his [the prime minister] family and friends’ trip come from? It needs to know which commercial airliner the austerity-savvy prime minister use for his trip to save taxpayers’ money.”