Owaisi echoes Imran Khan at Islamic meet in US, says Muslims in India facing “systemic and structural discrimination”

Speaking at the annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Member of Parliament and controversial leader Asaduddin has alleged that Muslims are being oppressed discriminated in India under the regime of Narendra Modi led BJP. The allegations were made by Owaisi during a session named “The stories of Muslims Lynched and Oppressed under the Hindutva Regime” at ISNA’s 57th Annual Convention held virtually on 5-6 September.

As per a Sunday Guardian report, Owaisi said that Muslims in India are facing “systemic and structural discrimination” and “are the poorest religious group and their poverty has only increased with each generation.”

Speaking about the Delhi riots earlier in the year, Owaisi made unfounded allegations that it was a” full blown massacres of Muslims” incited by the ruling party.

Echoing the speech of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Owaisi alleged that BJP is part of a larger movement called Hindutva which is inspired by racist ideas of the Nazis. Owaisi said that BJP’s Hindutva was rabidly anti-Muslim and the party has repeatedly mobilized public opinion against Muslim citizens.

Owaisi also touched upon Kashmir issue and blamed the government of India for deploying large number of troops in the region. He said severe restriction have been imposed on the local of J&K.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is of the largest and most influential Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States. The organization has variously been accused of being in contact with radical Islamic terrorist organizations like the HAMAS.