Oxford Dictionary publicly exposes Rahul Gandhi’s claims of a new English word “Modilie”

Despite regular attempts, it seems Congress party has yet not been completely successful in making social media, its turf. There have been several instances, when Congress party had to face embarrassment on social media due to various reasons. Sometimes for making factually wrong claims, on other times for losing their own online polls. But what happened on Thursday afternoon, perhaps topped all past instances by a mile.

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi made a tweet claiming that a new English word, “Modilie,” has been entered into the Oxford dictionary. Along with the tweet he attached a screenshot, showing the word in the dictionary.

According to the screenshot shared by Rahul Gandhi, the term “Modilie” refers to the those who either “constantly modify the truth,” or “lie incessantly and habitually” or “lie without respite. “However, Oxford dictionary in a public reply to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, called the screenshot to be “fake.”

“We can confirm that the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries,” said Oxford dictionary in its response to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet.

After this clarification from the Oxford Dictionary, Rahul Gandhi is having to face intense trolling from other twitter users for making false claims.

An institution like the Oxford Dictionary, calling out the claims of the President of country’s oldest and most successful political party is certainly a matter of great embarrassment for not only Rahul Gandhi or Congress but for India as a whole. The question, however still persists, was Rahul “Modilying?”