P Chidambaram Calls Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, A Mistake

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram recalled that Indira Gandhi had admitted that declaring Emergency was a mistake and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should similarly admit that demonetisation was a “flawed” decision which has badly hit the people.

Flaying the BJP regime and Modi on demonetisation, he said “demonetisation is a measure which made 45 crore people like beggars and hassled middle class people for 45 days.”

Nearly after a period of 4 decades, the senior Congress Leader had admitted that Ex PM Indira Gandhi’s Emergency move was a big mistake.

The former Union Finance minister said nobody could deny that such hassles due to demonetisation (for getting cash) would continue for six more months.

Addressing a public meeting at the open grounds of party State headquarters Satyamurthy Bhavan here, he said Congress cadres should meet the people and address meetings in local languages of the respective states on the issue.

The people should be apprised that BJP’s claim that demonetisation would root out black money “is a big falsehood, eliminating corruption and counterfeit currency was a deception,” he said.