PAID Media EXPOSED by a Foreigner; Must Watch

Indian PAID MEDIA Exposed image 1

It is not a secret for anyone that there is a big problem that our media is facing. The problem is of credibility. People don’t trust it anymore. While the media personalities (read: Barkha, Rajdeep, Arnab) keep shouting that this mistrust is due to politicians or due to lack of understanding of the general public, PAID media is the main reason why people do not trust presstitutes anymore.

When the prime minister mocks you, the president of the ruling party knows you are wrong and a very high up part of the government calls you a Presstitute, there HAS TO BE something wrong with you.

When a foreigner Jason Jones from The Daily Show came to India to understand the problem of paid news in India, he was shocked. He was able to get a false news published in a newspaper Millennium Post with much ease. The news was clearly fabricated, but was still published without any checks or writing that the post is sponsored. It was published as if it was a real news item.

The video has been made with a funny overtone but it shows the big problem that India is facing right now. No one trusts the media right now. And not without a reason. Watch the video to understand the serious issue of PAID NEWS:

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