Pakistan Cornered !! Russia Orders Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif To Immediately Act On Banned Terrorist Organizations

Facing international isolation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in an unprecedented move has warned the powerful military not to shield banned militant groups and directed authorities to conclude the Pathankot terror attack probe and the 2008 Mumbai attack trials, a leading Pakistani daily reported today.


Sharif’s orders came after a series of meetings between military and civilian leaders, Dawn newspaper said. Sources say there is a heavy outrage on Pakistan government for not voicing against shielding terrorist and the intellectuals fear Pakistan would be isolated globally if their government don’t fight back on the banned terrorist organization. Yesterday Imran Khan Member of Pakistani National Assembly lashed out at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He was quoted saying “Nawaz Sharif is not my PM nor is he fit to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is facing heavy backlash with a fear of the nation being isolated by global power.


Post these development the government of Pakistan delivered a “blunt, orchestrated and unprecedented warning” to the military leadership and sought consensus on several key actions, including action against banned militant groups, the paper quoted unnamed individuals, who were involved in the meetings.


At least two sets of actions have been agreed as a result of the most recent meeting, an undisclosed one on the day of the All Parties’ Conference, which took place on Monday.


ISI Director General Rizwan Akhtar, accompanied by National Security Adviser Nasser Janjua, will travel to all provinces with a message that military-led intelligence agencies should not interfere if law enforcement agencies act against militant groups that are banned.


Sharif is said to have directed the officials to start a fresh prob onto Mumbai and Pathankot attack and submit the report within the deadline.

54cb06642e1c1Specifically, while Chinese authorities have conveyed their willingness to keep putting on technical hold a UN ban on Jaish-i-Mohammad leader Masood Azhar, they have questioned the logic of doing so repeatedly, the report said.

Pakistan is said to have taken this decision after Russia has hinted its dissatisfaction with the way Pakistan is dealing with the terrorists operating out of its soil. Sources also say Pakistan top officials specially the ISI has decided to move towards Russia and China after being snubbed by US totally. Their ministers went on to an extend of branding US declining power and hinted Russia and China as the next super power. However Pakistan clearly understands the relation Russia shares with India and the attempt to act on terrorist organization in Pakistan is aiming at pleasing Russia both militarily and  Financially.