Pakistan Government’s Official Radio shares photo-shopped images to defame India on Asifa Rape Case

Ever since the tragic Kathua rape case came to light, there has been outrage all over the media. Right from Bollywood to Social media influencers, people have been holding placards condemning the event.

The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, branded as Radio Pakistan, is a Pakistani federal corporation that serves as the national public radio and television broadcaster. A tweet from the official Radio Pakistan handle (@RadioPakistan), suggests that a campaign was launched all over the world creating “awareness” about the situation of Indian women.

Levina Neythiri, a photoshop expert from Dubai, has busted the lies spread using these photo shopped image. If one clearly notices the pixel around the text on the shirt, there seems to be no sign of shirt wrinkles and an even texture on which the letters have been inserted.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, evidently furious about how India’s global image is being shattered by the handy-works of such images tweeted about these pictures, unfortunately he too fell prey to these photo shopped images.

MadhuPurnima Kishwar, founder human rights organisation MANUSHI, had claimed that the image was taken at the Istanbul Airport.

From the language diction it is quite evident that there seems to be a Pakistani hand in spreading these false images to defame India on a global front.