Pakistan will now Use Indians to Push its Agenda in India

Earlier today, a very peculiar report appeared in the Pakistan’s #1 English daily, Dawn. As per the report, Pakistan has a “high level committee”. This committee would have senior officers from their Ministries of Defence, Home & Information. Further, members of ISI, IB & Military Operations Directorate are also a part of the committee. The head of the committee would be Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry. Aizaz had the liberty of picking other members as per requirement.

Sartaj Aziz is a Pakistani economist and strategist. He is a senior member of Pakistan’s Federal Cabinet. He is the Paksitani PM’s advisor on Foreign affairs; and therefore is, in fact, Pakistan’s External Affairs Minister. Yesterday in the Pakistani Senate, Aziz had revealed that the committee was made to “to formulate a doable and sustainable India-Kashmir policy”. This was not a mere body. The Pakistani senate had recommended it. The committee would, in turn, report to the Chairmen of Pakistan’s Defence and External Affairs committees.

Aziz also stated that Pakistan intended to attack India in the garb of “human rights violation” in Kashmir. They plan to do this today, when Kashmir has returned to normalcy and children are finally going to schools for the first time since the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani. On the other hand, across the LOC a few miles away, PoK lies in agony in a pool of its own blood. He also blamed India for “300 ceasefire violations since 2003”. Aziz repeated Pakistan’s UN rhetoric and the veiled threat of being a “nuclear state” in his practiced bravado.

Tapping the Indian Anti-Nationals

All this is understandable as typical Pakistani line. However, a new development has taken place. Apparently, Pakistan has formed another committee to counter “India’s propaganda campaign” and “design a media strategy to continuously highlight the Kashmiri freedom struggle”. This essentially means that the Pakistani “committee” will woo India’s intellectual class and Five Star Journalists of Lutyens Delhi. These people, in turn, would create an anti-India narrative in the Indian Media.

Aziz further stated that Pakistan’s IT Minister was preparing a “comprehensive strategy” to highlight the J&K dispute via the social media. Apparently, some Indian social media houses have also been engaged with them. On a related note, a major media house had recently shared an Anti-India article from Dawn. They had copied the Pakistani narrative word-to-word, including the headline.

Not just the Indian mainstream and social media, Aziz further said that Pakistan government was already taking steps to reach out to segments of the Indian public opposed to Narendra Modi’s “extremism”. He said:

“Our missions abroad, including in New Delhi, are making outreach efforts to emphasise the extremist Indian policies.”

Certain Indian eminent intellectuals and Indian mainstream and social media are often observed pushing the Pakistani agenda in India. Some of these distinguished social media houses are completely sponsored by foreign entrepreneurs. Some individual Indians have claimed in the past that certain sections of the Indian media are under the parole of the ISI.

It is but natural that if your home has moles, enemies will woo them. It happened with Prithviraj Chauhan at the hands of Jaichand in Delhi. The same happened with Ravan at the hands of Vibhishan in Lanka. The same thing happened with Julius Caesar at the hands of Brutus in Rome. And history is being repeated with India at the hands of its own eminent intellectuals, Five Star journalists, social media heroes, Lutyens Elite, and “leaders” such as Arvind Kejriwal.

To close on a high, Aziz, though in unclear words, acknowledged that India has been successful in isolating Pakistan in the South East Asian region.

Sumit Agrawal
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