Pakistani actress claims Dhoni has converted to Islam to practice polygamy, gets roasted by Indian twitterati

Amid the ongoing controversy over the gloves sporting Balidaan badge, which were used by MS Dhoni in the match against South Africa, one Pakistani actress came out to make an outlandish claim about former India skipper converting to Islam.

Pakistan, a country which always look for opportunities to target India, has been very vocal about the entire controversy. From calling Dhoni a warmonger to a Hindu fundamentalist, there seems to be no other topic on Pakistani media channels other than Dhoni. However, if Pakistani actress, Sehar Shinwari is to be believed then Dhoni is no more a Hindu but a Muslim.

In a tweet on Friday, the actress said “Dhoni is the same guy who gave up on hinduism and converted to Islam in order to get islamic polygamy permission. If a person is not even sincere to his faith how he would be sincere to his country lol.”

Now we India certainly don’t know from where she got all this information about Dhoni changing religion and practicing polygamy. But what we do know is that this tweet provided Indian twitter users with a fantastic opportunity to roast the Pakistani a actress.

Meanwhile, Taking a firm stand, the ICC on Friday denied Mahendra Singh Dhoni permission to wear the dagger insignia on his wicket-keeping gloves during the World Cup despite BCCI’s assertion that it was not a military symbol.

The Indian cricket board (BCCI) had sought permission for the star batsman from the world governing body, which eventually cited regulations in denying the permission.