A Pakistani Asked, “How can I help my Bengali brothers in West Bengal get freedom from India?”, Reply from a Bengali is something, you should not miss!!!!

A Pakistani, who seems to hate India from the core of his heart posted a question in Quora titled “As a Pakistani, how can I help my Bengali brothers in West Bengal get freedom from India?”. He would have expected some answers in his favor since Bengal is ruled by pseudo secular Mamata Banerjee, who believes in appeasing Muslims more than being truly secular. But to his surprise, he got a stunning answer from a patriotic Bengali named Siddharth Sinha, who literally ripped the Pakistani apart from his response filled with facts.

As a Pakistani you have already helped your Bengali ‘brothers’ in the past.

Here is how you helped them earlier –

  • Try to impose ‘Urdu’ on them – Mr. Jinnah said in a speech, and that speech marked the start of friction between Bengalis and west Pakistan
  • You snatched the Foreign exchange hard earned by the Bengalis, and deprived them of development and squandered the precious money in west Pakistan.
  • When East Pakistan suffered under the greatest natural disaster of the 20th century – Cyclone Bhola[1] you did nothing while 500,000 Bengalis died in that disaster in 1970
  • Later that same year, when the Bengalis won the 1970 elections[2]you refused to transfer power in your viciousness to stay in power without letting the Bengalis come to power because they were ‘dark-skinned’ ‘Hindu agent’ according to you.
  • When Bengalis protested, you launched ‘Operation Searchlight[3]’. In this operation you killed nearly three million Bengalis, and raped nearly 300,000 females.

You have already ‘helped’ the Bengalis so much in the past. I am sure no Bengalis want your ‘help’ anymore. Who ever you try to help run away from you – be it the Bengalis or the Palestinians (you are responsible for the killing of 25,000 Palestinians in the infamous ‘Operation Black September[4].

I am sure no one wants your help. And if you wish to forcefully help them, remember what happened in 1971? You lost half the land mass, and half the population. Don’t try again, lest you wish to lose whole of Baluchistan, and all of Sindh, and then automatically you will lose POK.

If you are really interested in helping, kindly help the Zainabs[5] in your country, and the 12 innocent children who have been raped and killed around you. Try to help the 280 children who were sexually exploited, video recorded and black-mailed. Stop messing around lest you lose what you presently have.


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Siddharth Sinha, Novelist, writer, Lecturer