Pakistani Hindus returning back to Pakistan because of not getting Indian citizenship

Amid continues persecution and atrocities, the only hope that Hindus in Pakistan have is India. The Pakistani Hindus believe that in India they can have a better life and respect for their religious beliefs. However those Pakistani Hindus who have already managed to escape into India, have a completely different story to tell.

According to reports, more than 2000 Pakistani Hindus have went back to Pakistan from India and many have converted to Islam upon returning.

Reportedly, the primary reason behind the returning of Pakistani Hindus is the denial of citizenship from Indian authorities. The Pak Hindus leave all their belongings back in Pakistan with hopes of a better life and future, but in India they are forced to live in refugees camps, devoid of even basic facilities.

Few years back, the Indian government had announced of giving citizenship to Pakistani Hindus and the district collectors were given the responsibility. But the results of the move have not been very satisfactory, because of the rules for obtaining Indian citizenship being apparently very tough.

In western Rajasthan at many areas Pak displaced Hindus are waiting for Indian citizenship for over a decade now. Centre government has organised camps to give citizenship twice but in these camps only forms were filled and formalities were completed but no one was given citizenship. According to an affidavit submitted in high court by the FRO and CID SP Shweta Dhankar a total 968 Pak displaced Hindus have returned to Pakistan between 2015 and 2017

According to sources in 2017, 44 Hindus have returned to Pakistan, whereas in 2018 till now 59 have returned to their native country. In 2016 this number was 9.

Jaisalmer former councillor and Pak displaced association president, Nathuram Bheel said, ”Pak Hindus who are coming to India leaving everything in Pakistan are not getting anything here as well. They are coming here with hope of leading a good life but but eventually are losing all hope.Waiting period is getting longer, they have come here on religious visa and due to lack of paper and documents they are forced to go back.”

Seemanth Lok Sangathan president, Hindu Singh Sodha added,”central government took many years to make policies for Pak displaced Hindus and although last year the government made few policies but they are not being implemented. Few collectors were given power to give citizenship but due to many reasons they are not able to do so.”

(With inputs from TOI)