Pakistani Media lied: Donald Trump did not Praise Nawaz Sharif

Earlier today, Pakistani media reported that America’s President Elect Donald Trump had praised Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. However, upon further investigation, we learnt that Pakistan has been spreading lies over the matter!

Contrary to the earlier reports, Nawaz Sharif had called United States’ president-elect Donald Trump to congratulate him, not the other way round. Pakistan has been spreading lies to the world. This lie stands exposed!

According to media reports from Pakistan, the US President-elect, Mr. Donald Trump had said that Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif was a person with an amazing personality. Pakistani media further claimed that Trump even promised to remove all difficulties of Pakistan.

Pakistani media reports claimed that Trump had allegedly said that he felt he was talking to someone whom he knew for a long time; and that he was hoping to meet Sharif soon; also, that Sharif was “a great man”. Pakistani Media also claimed that Trump had praised the “palpable” work being done by Sharif.

However, a fresh statement released by Trump’s team had no mention of this claim by Pakistan. This exposed the lie. America’s President-elect, Donald Trump himself has called for a ban on illegal immigrants in the US. At such a time, such calling Pakistan a remarkable country was absurd.