Pakistani people rattled after successful airstrikes from India, calls out Imran Khan led government

The Indian Airforce carried out lethal strikes on terror camps based in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) and Pakistani mainland, in early hours of Wednesday to avenge the deaths of more than 40 CRPF soldiers who had died as result of a suicide attack at Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir. If various reports in circulation are to be believed then around 200-300 terrorists died in the strikes, including close relatives of Indian Parliament attack mastermind Masood Azhar.

The air strikes, naturally left both the political establishment and people of Pakistan rattled. It was the Pakistani media which first broke the news of Indian intrusion inside their airspace. But, fearing public backlash, they soon started coining new and contradictory excuses to save the face of its armed forces.

Meanwhile, the people of Pakistan are calling out their government and armed forces for failing to restrict Indian Airforce from conducting successful strikes well within the Pakistani airspace. One Twitter handle tweeted, “They can find us even in Quetta, Parachinar and even Thar dessert for a tweet but here, an entire aircraft entered our territory and they had no idea about it?”

As the public anger seemed to be escalating, Pakistan Tehreek-E Insaaf or PTI, the ruling party of that country, came up with a tweet to calm the situation down. The claims, made by PTI in its tweet were not only factually incorrect but farthest from truth.

In attempts of saving the face of its incompetent forces, which took almost 17 minutes to react to the Indian intrusion, PTI embarrassed them even more by claiming that they confused between fuel and bomb.

However, even this tweet was not enough to save the Imran Khan led government from public wrath, as the people of Pakistan could clearly see through their lies.

Apart from people, opposition parties in Pakistan also raised voice against the Pakistani government inside the parliament. Slogans of “Imran Khan murdabaad” and “shame shame” were witnessed inside the Pakistani parliament on Wednesday after the successful airstrikes by India.