Pakistanis caught spreading false propaganda against India using fake twitter profile of Sri Lankan Brigadier

Couple of weeks back on Easter Sunday, the election world witnessed one of the most devastating terrorist attacks ever when around 400 people died in Sri Lanka in a series of blasts at churches and hotels. But it seems like some people are insensitive enough to run their agenda even in such gruesome incidents.

For some time since the attacks, a twitter handle pretending to be Commander of Artillery Brigade of Sri Lankan Army, Brigadier NLK Samrasinghe had been peddling anti-India propaganda. In one tweet, the handle claims that “India is directly involved in Easter attacks.” It further says that a dossier against India has been sent to the UN.

However, as it is said falsehood can’t stand for long. An Indian handle named the Defense 360, using Trendsmap exposed how the handle claiming to be of Sri Lankan Commander was actually being operated out of areas near Indo-Pak border.

The handle was completely fake one and had been created very recently, perhaps after the blasts. Engaging in cyber warfare and spreading false propaganda using social media has been an old habit of Pakistan. After getting exposed, the Twitter handle was deactivated.