Papers reveal ‘hawala link’ to National Herald case, expose Rs 250 cr tax evasion scandal

 In a shocking revelation that is bound to cause political tremors, documents accessed have exposed that Gandhi family-owned Young Indian Private Limited (YIPL) took a loan from an alleged shell company run by hawala operators, based in Kolkata.

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and her son, party vice president Rahul Gandhi are already under the radar of the Income Tax department for their dealing with the Associated Journals Limited (AJL), that published the National Herald newspaper.

And this fresh expose could prove to be a major setback for the Gandhis in the Herald case.

The probe status report that reveals the possible shady deal or a ‘hawala link’ of the YIPL, in which Sonia and Rahul are stakeholders.


According to the documents, the Gandhis took a nearly Rs 1 crore loan from a Kolkata-based hawala operator that was used to acquire the Associated Journals Limited. The AJL, instead controlled the Young India Private limited.


Now, as the case regarding the AJL’s purchase of the Young India is being probed by the Income Tax department, a charge-sheet is likely to be filed soon and the IT department is likely to fine the Gandhis for the possible Rs 250 crores tax evasion, sources said.

Incidentally, in October 2017, the Income Tax had cancelled the tax exemption of the Young India entity during the probe in the case.

Meanwhile, the petitioner in the case, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, has said that based on the details available, the Enforcement  Directorate could file a case against the senior Congress leaders for money laundering and the board of directors of the YIPL could be subjected to custodial interrogation.

In May 2017, when the Delhi High Court had instructed the Income Tax department to investigate the National Herald case based on Swamy’s private criminal complaint, the Gandhis had contended that Swamy’s plea was “in the nature of a fishing and roving enquiry which is not permissible in law”, the Times of India had reported.

Credit: Times Now