Pappu Yadav Calls Kejriwal Psycho and Gambler Openly in Parliament – Video

Delhi CM Kejriwal’s ‘odd-even’ scheme came for a lethal attack in the Lok Sabha on Monday with Pappu Yadav dubbing it as a plan that would generate corruption rather than reduce pollution, even calling him “psycho” and “gambler”.

Raising this in Parliament  Rajesh Ranjan who is also known as Pappu Yadav said that the scheme would only help CNG companies and firms manufacturing buses/cars and would hardly make anything to reduce pollution, which it intends.

“Kejriwal has introduced the scheme to gain “cheap popularity” and to make a quick moolah” as said by Pappu Yadav.

Quoting an IIT-Kanpur study, he said the pollution from cars was a mere five per cent and the Delhi government has failed to address other issues which contribute for 95 per cent pollution.

The second phase of the scheme began on April 15 and will go on till April 30. This is bringing lot of trouble to commuters and common man without benefiting the cause of reducing pollution in Delhi.

Here is the Full Video of the same.

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