Paramshivoham experience

By Saurav

Bliss! Its the perfect word if I had to describe the experience. The 16 day journey seemed like a year of transformation. Transformation of my thoughts, my cognitions and most importantly developing that intense, powerful seeking in me.

The various meditation techniques such as
uncluthching and Re-living have become my tools to get through any powerless state if I ever find myself in.

The highlight for me was the death meditation. Swamiji says – “All fears are actually coming from the fear of death”. I had never imagined myself ever meditating on something such as death. I experienced myself dying yet I was able to just differentiate myself from the the body
which was dying. This was so relieving as I could see that I am eternal.

When I left the body, I could sense that I was smiling at my body getting burned in the shamsana. Suddenly when I was
moving freely in the sky, I got a tap and I opened up my eyes. I wondered how did I get a tap as I had no body now. Was that tap by swamiji himself??
Talking about powers, yes they are the icing on the cake.

The more and more u you develop that
oneness with Swamiji and Paramashiva, you will manifest the powers. The two powers which I loved and was able to manifest were the body scanning and Akashic reading. I would just say- “Yes, they are real”.
The thing that has got me hooked on is the Bhava Samadhi Darshan. It’s an experience which is beyond words.

It needs to be experienced. It can shake ur entire being and bring you to that
oneness with Paramashiva!
The various upanishads- the Ishavasya upanishad and the Keno upanishad were very strong thought currents for me which made me think a lot.

I still keep pondering over the various slokas of these upanishads. The Bhagavad gita verse which is one of my favourites- “Raise the self by
the self” was inspiring and uplifting.

I learned and understood the importance of the four tattvas- Integrity, Authenticity,
Responsibility and Enriching. With this I would like to conclude with the blessings of swamiji to keep living by these four tatvas throughout my life!