Parent Alleges a school asked for 2.5 Lakh Rs Donation for Pre-nursery admission

A few days back a few structure of Bishop Cotton Boy’s School had gone viral. The School which has a history of 148 years is now in the doldrums after a fee receipt under various heads for a LKG admission in Bengaluru has gone viral in the social media.

The fee receipt (see pic) has some strange overheads such as LEGO/Robotics Education, KG Rhyme Time, School Management Software Christmas Fellowship Lunch, Computer Science Fee, Annual Medical Fee, Cottonian Magazine etc.

The Educational Institution we feel has a moral obligation to disclose the details as below.

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Another shocker has come up in Pune where a parent has alleged the school for asking a huge amount of donation. In a facebook post Parent, with the Facebook User Name Bhavna Agarwal made shocking revelations.

It’s a high time that the fee structures in private schools and donations are regularised and brought under control of government authorities. Already “Education” has become business for most Schools, Colleges and Private coaching classes, which indeed is affecting the quality of education across our country.