Paresh Rawal Comments on Mob Lynching

Mob Lynching in India has now become selective with the media trying to cover it impassioned and lopsided in either one way or the other by just showing selective outrage. Terrorist attacks and terrorism has been the biggest threat to the country but that has never been linked to any community but mob lynching is quickly labeled with a religion and the liberals try to cover only selective stories.

These seculars and the so-called intellectuals have made this issue either pro or anti. Black or white. National or anti-national. Secular or Communal and have let the mobs take civic spaces in India. Never has the media tried to cover a Hindu lynched by a mob but have manipulated the stories for creating a communal imbalance in the society when a member of a community is killed by a mob.

Veteran actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal came forward to speak about the selective outrage towards one religion for mob lynching. He expressed it on his social media account and asked if terrorism has never been linked to any religion, how is it justified linking mob lynching to a religion. Have a look at his tweet.