Parody: After ‘Tatkal’, New service ‘Victim Card’ for Immediate Passport by MEA

The Government of India offers interesting services on passport for some of its important citizens. For instance, Nirav Modi’s passport was revoked after he looted Indian banks to the tune of over Rs 13,000 crore and fled from country just days before an FIR was lodged. He roams freely from one country to another on an Indian passport, which was revoked by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in February.

Since the time his passport was revoked as claimed by the MEA, Nirav Modi has traveled to at least 6 countries which includes UK, UAE, Hong Kong, France and Germany. Moreover, Nirav Modi is in possession of at least six Indian passports. Yes you heard it right, six passports! You might not get such facilities on any other country’s passport.

If the citizens of India want to get passport on urgent basis, they have to use the ‘Tatkal’ facility. The Tatkal service enables you a new passport or a update/change in existing passport on priority, in a time period of approximately around two weeks to a month.

But if under some unknown circumstances you want to get your passport at your door step, handed over to you by the passport officer, within a day, then here is what you can go for, ‘Victim Card’ service.

Victim Card service is a new service provider by Ministry of External Affairs. It is faster than Tatkal, faster than you think. Victim card service also gives you a major advantage of ‘Discard Loophole’. Now what is ‘Discard Loophole’? When you are using Victim Card service, any mistakes or loopholes in your documents can be ignored. No one can cross question you regarding your documents, especially passport officials.

For example, Let us say you are a couple with inter-religious marriage and your wife needs a passport urgently to travel with you for onsite. Your ‘Nikahnama’ (Marriage Certificate) has a different name, might reflect a name of a different religion. But then you still want passport in a different name.


  1. Go to Regional Passport Office and apply for Passport.
  2. When Passport officer questions you about different name, apply for ‘Victim Card’ service.
  3. Tweet to Ministry of External Affairs regarding your application for ‘Victim Card’.
  4. Get passport instantly on your doorstep.
  5. Moreover, you get add-on opportunities like, get the officer suspended or transferred, get featured on News Channels, give interviews, free publicity.

Note, this service can only be availed only in the case that you belong to a religious minority of India. Thank us later for the information.

Disclaimer:- The article is only for entertainment purposes and the Author or the website do not intend to malign the image of any person/organization mentioned in the above article