Parody: Exposing the Right Wing’s lies about Bollywood having double standards on Kathua and Aligarh cases

The entire Hindi film industry (Bollywood) had come out very vocally against the Kathua rape and murder case. The Boyllwood stars who are known for always playing a responsible role towards the society, did not mince any words while condemning the brutal rape case in Kathua. In fact, they felt it was of paramount importance to mention the fact that the crime had allegedly taken place inside a Hindu temple named “Devi-sthan.”

And now after yet another similar crime in UP’s Aligarh, where a two year old girl was abducted and brutally tortured before being finally killed and dumped in a garbage pile, the Bollywood is outraged. They have slammed the culprits for such guersome act and are planning to hold a protest march to demand death for them.

However despite all this, the right wing trolls and fake news websites are constantly accusing our favourite stars from Bollywood of being hypocrite and having double standard. And so we decided to expose each one of these right wing trolls by showing how the Boyllwood is condemning the Aligarh incident in harshest of words.

Let’s start with none other than Mrs Funnybones herself. She was outraged like all other Indians after the Kathua incident. She wrote on twitter expressing how ashamed she was and even hit the streets protesting against it.

Her reaction after the Aligarh case is no different. She demanded swift action from Women and Child welfare Minister Smriti Irani with #JusticeforTwinkle. See you right wing trolls, Twinkle asked for justice for Twinkle. I mean what else do you want her to do?

It is not possible for Mrs Funnybones to hit the street after every time something happens, right? And after all social activism and all that is OK, but you don’t miss an opportunity to visit your Nani and have a plate full of Khichra.

No no no, we are just getting started and we will expose each and everyone in the Right wing. Let’s move on to none other than the most left person in Bollywood, in fact that she is so left that political experts are planning to rename the Left wing as Swara Wing, the favourite of JNU, Queen of Bastar, ruler of the hearts of Naxals (urban /rural), Swara Bhasker. We all know how outraged and depressed she was three months after the Kathua incident. She showed everyone how a true public figure should sometime come out with placards to protest when it becomes necessary.

And after the Aligarh incident, she is equally outraged. Have a look at it you Right wing trolls.

Hey! Hey! Hey! What do you Right wingers want to say? She isn’t outraged? Oh she is. She is in USSR, oh sorry I meant to say Russia and that’s why her tweet with placard has not yet reached India, Network issues. But you illiterate bhakts won’t understand. You never get to travel abroad like classy and elite people. Your favourite holiday destinations are Haridwar and Vaishno Devi.

Let’s move on to the next person, Sonam Kapoor, Who has an opinion on everything from international relations to voting machines. She without a doubt is one of the most knowledged person in contemporary India. There was no difference between her reactions to Kathua and Aligarh as the illetrate right wingers who are completely unable to read English language are claiming.

Just see if you can spot a single difference here:

Hey what? Now you have problem with her urging to not use this as an agenda? Well listen, naming the accused ( Zahid and Aslam) in Aligarh is definitely an agenda. But saying that Kathua rape took place in Devi-sthan was fact sharing. Learn the difference between the two.

The next in line, It’s your boy Badshah.

See how responsible people tweet, learn from it. Let’s not name people, let’s not name places where it took place, let’s not blame the country. What has happened to the World? That’s the million dollar question.

And here the right wing and their hypocrisy stands exposed. We rest our case