Parody: Inspired by Prakash Raj, student answers “Kuch Bhi” in Exam and Fails

At the Times Now conclave in Bengaluru, it was Dr. Subramanian Swamy vs Prakash Raj, discussing on political issues and constitutional rights. On one side it was Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Indian economist, mathematician, jurist and politician who serves as a Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, studied at Harvard University where he received his PhD in Economics, while on the other side it was Prakash Raj, the actor.

Prakash Raj targeted the political aims of BJP and RSS questioning their Hindutva ideology. Dr. Subramanian Swamy replied confidentiality to each and every allegation by Prakash Raj. Audience clapped and cheered befitting replies by Dr. Swamy, but Prakash Raj just confidently said “Kuch Bhi”.

Prakash Raj’s confidence grew after every “Kuch Bhi” reply. Prakash Raj stood strong, unshaken by the hits of Dr. Swamy and challenged him with “Kuch Bhi”. Prakash Raj stood solid and never to lose and once again played the defence of “Kuch Bhi”.

Impressed by this confidence, as per our sources a student who wanted his identity not to be revealed, answered all the questions as “Kuch Bhi” in exam. Similar to Prakash Raj, he was not prepared for the exam, and didn’t have any idea about the questions. The student neither attended any lectures nor read any books, but still wanted to look confident in-front of the class teacher and hence had answered all as “Kuch Bhi”.

The student obviously failed in the exam, but was confused about one thing. If Prakash Raj was cheered on by his supporters on Twitter and YouTube, why he didn’t get such encouragement?

Unfortunately the student did not see the other reactions by Twitteratis for Prakash Raj’s “Kuch Bhi”, if only he did, he would have not answered them in his exam. Here are some fun “Kuch Bhi” reactions:-

The student has now decided to go on hunger strike and later contemplating on suing Prakash Raj for his “Kuch Bhi” rhetoric.