PARODY- Internal Survey: AAP is wining Gujarat Elections

There are many surveys conducted by several agencies, almost all of them have predicted BJP win in Gujarat. Today’s Chanakya exit poll predicts a whopping 135 seats for BJP, the highest in any survey so far.

As the election results are yet to be declared in Gujarat, a pre-poll survey commissioned by the Aam Aadmi Party predicted a landslide for the Kejriwal and AAP in Gujarat Assembly elections. Its leader Arvind Kejriwal emerged the favorite chief ministerial candidate, notching up 83 per cent of votes against 17 per cent for the BJP.

The survey said the AAP was likely to win 170 seats in the Gujarat Assembly. The Congress might win ten seats while the BJP and others would get not more than two seats.

Quick to respond, AAP most honest CM in the history of planet earth Shree Shree Arvind Kejriwal (Honesty Be Upon Him) said: “Ours is the standard sample size. What matters is not so much the size beyond a minimum but the representatives of the respondents.”

He also mentioned that he will remain the CM of Delhi and also be CM of Gujarat. He will be CM of both the states.

Disclaimer:- The article is only for entertainment purposes and the Author of the website does not intend to malign the image of any person mentioned in the above article