Parody: Magical DVD to cure Kidney Diseases is Here!!

Indian Health care is not as expected, as mentioned by our Great Youth Icon Joseph Vijay, “Singapore takes 6% GST and provides free health care, India takes 28% GST but still does not provide free health care”. Their are number of deaths in India reported every year due to non availability of free health care and better facilities to poor.

To counter this issue, our very own pastor have come up with a new magical solution.

No, not this solution. The solution this time is a magical DVD which can even cure kidney disease. A number of NGO’s in India, after getting foreign funds and minority quota funds have declared this solution as scientific and most advanced. Take a look:

Well, this will being revolution in the field of medical science. Hopefully next time our beloved Joseph Vijay does not have to worry about health care in India to make his movie a blockbuster and earn lot of money. Going forward Joseph Vijay can rely on story, acting, direction, scripts etc of the movie to make it a blockbuster.

Also, the solution has been inspired by our Ra Raa Ra Pastor who cured Puspa Diwadkar from Santakruz in minutes.

You might have surely watched him before, this article would not have been complete without mentioning the pioneer in the field of magical science.

Finally, if you are suffering from kidney issues, cancer, heart problems, stomach ache just do not worry, reach out to our nearest Pastor on “Sunday” and get cured in minutes. Aalaaalueeyaaa!!!

Disclaimer:- The article is only for entertainment purposes and the Author of the website does not intend to malign the image of any person mentioned in the above article