PARODY: Ravish Kumar to Lead Team Of NDTV Investigating Colour Of Taimur Khan’s Potty

When Taimur was born, doctor shouted, “Mubarak ho, article paida hua hai”. There was a new sign of hope among the Buzzfeed, NDTV, Quint Entertainment writers who were short of topics. Taimur has emerged as a messiah for such writers.

NDTV reporter, Journalist, anchor, want to be Politician Rubbish Kumar got goosebumps after looking at Taimur brushing his hair and playing around with his mom, a rare scene in India.

Taimur getting kiss from his mom Kareena rocked NDTV studios. It was a first ever kiss from a parent to their child in India and hence was a breaking viral news. Rubbish Kumar went ahead and requested Taimur to to be honored as National Child of India.

Taimur Ali Khan even contributed to Indian U19 world cup win by just being under 19. Finally, NDTV has been able to access the potty pictures of Taimur ALI Khan and they are melting hearts all around the NDTV Studio. Buzzfeed and others are still searching for the potty pictures but failed to grab it.

The pictures are just going to made public on NDTV’s official twitter handle. Rubbish Kumar has even set up a team to analyse the potty color, fragrance and the temperature.

Finally, NDTV can go gaga over the pictures, frame it and mount on studio walls.

Disclaimer: This Article is meant for parody and should be taken only for entertainment purpose. We do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individuals mentioned